How did Heather Mason get pregnant?

How did Heather Mason get pregnant?

Before Heather was born, a cult in the town of Silent Hill, Maine impregnated the psychic child Alessa Gillespie with the fetus of their God so that it could be born and bring their horrific version of paradise to mankind.

Are Heather and Cheryl the same person?

Cheryl’s alias, Heather, actually comes from her voice actor with a very similar name: Heather Morris.

Is Heather pregnant Silent Hill?

Her forced pregnancy by Silent Hill’s cult is violating, horrific, inhumane, and parasitically life-threatening, and the overwhelming dread it causes her is present everywhere in the game, from creature design to artwork and thematic content.

Is Heather Harry’s daughter?

In the third game, Heather is the adopted daughter of protagonist Harry Mason.

Heather Mason
Family Dahlia Gillespie (deceased mother) Harry Mason (deceased adoptive father) Jodie Mason (deceased adoptive mother)

Why is Heather called Cheryl?

Cheryl is Also Known as Heather Mason

While being given the name Cheryl as a baby, her name had to be changed to Heather when she was five due to being stalked by Silent Hill’s infamous cult, The Order.

How old is Heather in Silent Hill?


Name Heather/Cheryl Mason
Age 17
Appears in Silent Hill™ 3

Is Cheryl the reincarnation of Alessa?

After Harry defeats the Incubus, the Incubator reappears and gives Harry a reincarnation of both Alessa and Cheryl combined into one being.

Who was Alessa father Silent Hill?

Alessa praying to the Order’s god with Claudia Wolf. Alessa’s only known friend was Claudia Wolf, a girl two years younger than Alessa and who was also forced into the Order by her father, Leonard.

How Old Is Cheryl Silent Hill?

Cheryl Mason
The daughter of Harry Mason, Cheryl is a quiet, seven year old girl with short black hair and brown eyes. After the tragic loss of her mother at the age of three, her father Harry became her sole guardian. She began begging him to take her on a trip to the town of Silent Hill, to which he finally agreed.

Why does Cheryl go by Heather?

To ensure Cheryl’s safety, he dyed her hair from brunette to blonde and renamed her “Heather”.

How did Alessa have baby?

Well, the basics of her story are: She’s a girl born with psychic powers. Dahlia, her mother whose also a member of an infamous cult, wants to, with the help of those powers, impregnate Alessa with the seed of the “god” of her cult.

Did Alessa give birth to Sharon?

When she is taken to the hospital after her burning, she gives birth to Sharon, who is in turn transported out of Silent Hill by the Reaper. Again, a lot can be implied by the various scenes of the film but I have yet to see a confirmation that Alessa is actually Sharon’s mother.

Do Heather and Cheryl get together?

As it stands, both Cheryl and Heather are single.

Is Alessa and Sharon the same person?

Sharon Da Silva, also known as Heather Mason, is a doppelgänger of Alessa, and contains the remaining good part of her soul. Sharon is called into the town by Dark Alessa and after the events of the film, she becomes the body that the complete Alessa is reborn into.

Who is god in Silent Hill?

Names. God is also known as the Creator of Paradise, Lord of Serpents and Reeds, the Holy Mother and Samael. There is a document in Silent Hill: Origins referring to the Order’s god as Samael.

Why is Rose trapped in Silent Hill?

Alessa wanted Rose to act as her new mother and had no intention of returning to the real world, so she trapped Rose in the place where she feels safe, where no one can ever take her mother from her again.

Who is Heather to Cheryl?

Riverdale fans have heard bits and pieces of Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) and Heather’s story throughout the series. The two were best friends in junior high school, and it’s been implied that they had a romantic connection (or at least that Cheryl had a crush on Heather).

Is Heather in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina?

Heather Doerksen is a Canadian actress. She portrays Gryla on Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

What is the evil in Silent Hill?

Pyramid Head, also known as “Red Pyramid Thing” (赤い三角頭, Akai Sankakutō), “Red Pyramid”, Sankaku Atama (三角頭, lit. “Triangle Head”) is a fictional character from the Silent Hill series of survival horror video games published by Konami.

Is Valtiel Pyramid Head?

In the religion of Silent Hill, Valtiel exists as one who is close to the God, and Pyramid Head takes shape of Valtiel’s reason for existence. That is to say, the Pyramid Head character was born from the townspeoples’ idolatrous ideologies. In the first game, the ceremonial robes were in homage to Valtiel.

What did the ending of Silent Hill mean?

Toward the end of the film, the devil enters Rose in order to gain access to the cult’s sanctuary and fulfills his promise to avenge Alessa. The cult has found Sharon and Cybil and intends to “cleanse” them both with fire.

Why did they burn Alessa in Silent Hill?

Alessa being burned as a sacrifice to God. Officer Gucci finds Alessa’s burned body.

Is Heather on Riverdale a witch?

Powers and Abilities
Heather is a witch and member of the powerful coven in Greendale, the Order of Hecate.

Why did Pyramid Head Save Heather?

More than once, it saves Sharon from the forces of Silent Hill. This is explained by its loyalty to Alessa: since Heather is the good half of Alessa’s soul, it sees them as the same being and is thus bound to protect both from harm.

Who is the God of Silent Hill?

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