How do I add a license to my Synology Surveillance Station?

How do I add a license to my Synology Surveillance Station?

Go to Surveillance Station > License. Click Add. Confirm the information in the window, tick the checkbox, and click Next. If you are adding licenses from the CMS host server, select a server and click Next.

How many licenses does Surveillance Station come with?

Surveillance Station includes two free camera licenses by default. When it’s time to grow your system, the Camera License Pack lets you add additional cameras and devices to Surveillance Station. To learn about Surveillance Station’s capabilities, check out the robust features and use cases below.

Does Synology require subscription?

Synology NAS provides a much larger storage space without monthly subscription fees. Just share its storage space with family members – a small investment that’s going to benefit the whole household.

How do I transfer my Synology Surveillance license?

The simplest way to move licenses is to delete them from the original device and add them to the target device.

  1. Make sure your Synology devices can access the Internet.
  2. On the original device, launch License.
  3. Select the licenses and click Delete.
  4. On the target device, launch License and click Add.

Can I transfer Synology camera license?

Signing in to a valid Synology Account on a Synology device allows you to migrate licenses even if the device malfunctions. Simply follow the Add License Wizard on the target device.

How do I access my Synology NAS without internet?

  1. Connect your NAS and your PC by LAN cable.
  2. Turn on NAS.
  3. Download and start Synology Assistant, it should show an IP address of your device (and even allows you to change it), for example, I saw IP and SA suggested changing it to

Does a Synology account cost money?

Using a NAS is easy with low cost of ownership Tired of paying client access licenses (CALs)? Synology NAS charges no CALs or monthly subscription fees and provides a much larger, scalable storage space for further expansion.

Does Synology cost money?

In short, with the money you pay for a backup software license (no matter if it’s subscription-based or perpetual) for the first year, you can actually get a Synology NAS while protecting business workloads on virtual machines, physical servers, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace – both accessible with a price roughly …

Is there a Synology surveillance station license keygen button?

If you can Synology Surveillance Station License Keygen a button, you can use this free program. It doesnt account name, notes, or other From the Synology Surveillance web page, there is no capability for.

How many cameras are included in the Synology camera license pack?

Note: The Synology Camera License Pack comes with a license for 1 camera, a license for 4 cameras and a license for 8 cameras. You can install the licenses to more cameras to activate the Synology Surveillance Station service.

What happens if I accidentally install a cracked Synology video surveillance package?

Synology will never block them as the licenses are already embedded in the package and are not validated on Synology servers. If you have accidentally updated the video surveillance package, simply remove it and reinstall the cracked package. All licenses will be available again

How do I expand my Synology camera set up?

Login to the Surveillance Station Synology Camera License Packs are designed for expanding cameras set up. By applying the license key on the Surveillance Station user interface, you will Synology Camera License Pack is designed for expanding cameras set up on.

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