How do I build a good hall 5 base?

How do I build a good hall 5 base?

So it can defend base from every builder hall 5 attack strategies such as massive raged barbarian and sneaky archers cannon cart baby dragons and beta minions which you can watch later in the replays.

How do I upgrade my builder Hall to level 5?

Then you want to get your mortar. The multi mortar all the way up to level five. Then your test load of five then your crusher to five. Then your guards close to five.

What are the best troops for builder base 5?

The Giants may not be useful in Home Base multiplayer and clan war battles, but the Boxer Giant is no doubt one of the best troops for targeting defensive buildings in Builder Base. It can be used in the battle to clear all defenses, and then players should use the Battle Machine to take down outside buildings.

Is the builder base important?

The battle system in Clash of Clans Builder Base is the most important change, and also the most welcome. back, and doesn’t need to be online in order to be raided. Additionally, an attacking player may get resources even if they didn’t earn at least one star – the minimum amount for the attack to be considered a win.

How do I copy a builder base layout?

How To Copy a Base in Clash of Clans – YouTube

What is builder base?

Builder Base is the home of the master builder. Here, the builder doesn’t live in the builder’s hut, but inside the Builder Hall. The base is lit up by small lanterns and village lights as it would’ve been much darker without them in the night time. There’s only one builder available in the village, the Master Builder.

What should I upgrade first in Builder Hall 5?

What to Build first in Builder Hall level 5

  • Build the second Double Cannon (low cost and building time),
  • Prioritize Multi-Mortar.
  • Build all the wall rows available.
  • Build all the traps, first of all spring trap and mine (you can avoid building Push Trap)
  • Build Collectors, mines and firecrackers,

What’s the best builder base army?

Barb power: If splash damage didn’t exist, Barbs would be by far the strongest troop in Builder Base.

What should I prioritize in Builder Hall?

Builder Base Upgrade Priorities

  • Collectors and Mines.
  • Army Camp, Laboratory, Clock Tower and Battle Machine.
  • Buildings required to upgrade your Builder Hall to the next level.
  • Builder Hall.
  • Defenses.
  • Traps.
  • Walls.

Should you rush to Builder Hall 9?

1) Rush to BH9. As explained above, higher BH level boosts your progression in general, and you can unlock O.T.T.O faster as a result. 2) Your collectors are very important. You may be able to get away with not upgrading collectors in the Home Village, since you can always raid a lot to fill your storages.

How long does builder base take to Max?

Costs to Max Everything for Builder Hall Level 2

Upgrade Type Total Loot Remaining Total Build Time Remaining*
Gold† 33,000 15 minutes
Elixir 74,500 1 hour 14 minutes 30 seconds
Walls 16,000 N/A
Builder Hall to Level 3 30,000 1 hour

Are CoC base links Safe?

Clash BasePedia is 100% safe and it uses the official API provided by CoC game to copy paste the base layouts directly in game. Just click ‘download link’ and it automatically opens and copies the base layout DIRECTLY in CoC game! No need to build or design the base yourself or use any other base builder tool!

Can you copy War bases in CoC?

What is builder Gold?

The Gold Storage stores Builder Gold, a resource which is used for constructing and upgrading buildings in the Builder Base. The Gold Storage is still entirely functional when upgrading. The Gold Storage stores the same amount of Builder Gold as Builder Elixir in Elixir Storages of equal level.

Can you transfer gold from builder base?

Gold and elixir are also used to create and upgrade structures and troops. But resources cannot be transferred between the builder base and the home village. On the Builder Base, gems can be collected and used, and they are shared throughout villages.

How do you push a builder base?


How do you beat lava launcher?

Builder Base – How to Beat the Lava Launcher – YouTube

How do you get O.T.T.O Hut fast?

Tips to unlock O.T.T.O quickly

  1. Requirement 2: Gear up 3 buildings.
  2. Requirement 3: Upgrade the Cannon Cart to level 18.
  3. Requirement 4: Upgrade the Mega Tesla to level 9.
  4. Requirement 5: Upgrade the Battle Machine to level 30.
  5. General Tips.
  6. Check your progress.

What is needed for Max O.T.T.O Hut?

To build the O.T.T.O Hut, you first need Builder Hall level 9; To gear up the three buildings, you need at least a level 7 Cannon, level 10 Archer Tower and level 8 Mortar in the Home Village, and at least a level 4 Double Cannon, level 6 Archer Tower, and level 8 Multi Mortar in the Builder Base.

What’s the best Builder Base army?

Do you get anything for removing the old barbarian statue?

This has caused many players to wonder if something special happens as a result of removing the statue. It turns out that paying the 200,000 builder gold to remove the Old Barbarian Statue rewards players from the same table as standard obstacles — meaning its rewards aren’t anything astonishing.

What is hybrid base in CoC?

Hybrid bases intend to protect both the player’s trophies and resources at the same time and is the most typical type of base. As such, it draws aspects from both farming and trophy bases. You generally want to protect the Town Hall with your most powerful defenses.

Can you copy war bases in CoC?

How can I change my Clash of Clans scenery for free?

You can switch between different Sceneries by tapping on your Town Hall and then tapping the “Change Scenery” button.

What is builder elixir?

Builder Elixir is a resource that is collected by the Elixir Collectors on the Builder Base. Once collected it is stored in your Elixir Storages. Its usage is similar to regular Elixir, but is used on the Builder Base instead of the Home Village.

Which type of base is best for COC?

How do you layout your base in clash of clans?

Use the farming and trophy bases. They all protect your storages.

How do you copy a base with a link?

So you click on that you can either send it to your clan chat or share as link supposed to share is a link that will copy it to your clipboard. So for example if you got this name from someone.

What is e base in COC?

Engineered Bases are villages with very low-level defenses (or no defenses at all – defenseless villages) with high-level troops, Heroes and Town Hall. • The point of these villages is to have a base with low defenses and high offenses to create a small advantage on Clan Wars, matching against an easier clan.

Whats a farming base?

The “Farming Base” prioritizes resources. You leave your Town Hall outside your walls, and bring your storages towards the center, protected by overlapping defenses. Usually collectors, camps, and barracks buildings are around the outside of the base. The goal of this base is to keep enemies from hitting your storages.

What is e base in CoC?

Can you download CoC layouts?

Just click ‘download link’ and it automatically opens and copies the base layout DIRECTLY in CoC game! No need to build or design the base yourself or use any other base builder tool! Save an unlimited number of clash base maps (layouts) in the cloud and have your builder skills tested and rated by other.

Can you copy CoC bases?

Is copying CoC base safe?

If you want from a friend just visit his base and you can copy that. If he is in another clan or his base is not active ask him for the base link and you can copy that right away.

What is engineered base CoC?

What is an engineer CoC?

CoC Engineer means the Engineer designated by CoC under written communication to the Concessionaire, to undertake, perform and carry out such functions, duties, responsibilities, services and activities as set forth in Schedule ‘E’ hereto and elsewhere in this Agreement.

How do you grind fast in Clash of Clans?

Configure your town.

  1. Protect your storage’s. Since you are farming for resources, you don’t want your spoils going to a lucky invader.
  2. Place your Town Hall in your second layer of walls.
  3. Do not put your storage’s right next to each other.
  4. Place high-level resource collectors inside walls and leave the others outside.

How do you practice war attacks in clash of clans?


What is trophy base in CoC?

The “Trophy Base” prioritizes protecting the Town Hall. The goal is to minimize the number of stars an attacker can take from your base. Generally it’s hard to prevent 1-star losses, since all that is required is destruction of half your buildings.

What is war base in CoC?

The war base is your home in the war map, and the village is your home in the normal game. For example, your village does not get locked during battle day, but your war base does. You do not donate troops to friendly villages during preparation day, you donate troops to friendly war bases.

Should I rush in COC?

Most people rush to unlock powerful troops and spells. Others have one rushed account and one maxed account so that the rushed account can donate powerful troops and spells. Some people rush because they believe it allows them to max Town Hall 14 faster than if they had maxed their base and research at each Town Hall.

Will I get war bonus if I leave clan?

You never get any clan war bonus in your treasury if you leave the clan before the end of the clan war. Bot you you do get it if you join the clan again before the clan war ends.

Who owns CPC engineering?

Peter Bowman

Industry Lists. CPC Engineering is a privately-owned engineering design, construction and maintenance company servicing the mining and infrastructure sectors. The business was established by Peter Bowman in 1970 with a small fabrication workshop in Kambalda. Mr Bowman continues as major shareholder and chair.

How do you get unlimited gold and elixir in Clash of Clans?

Unlimited Gold Elixir Dark Elixir in New Update Clash of Clans [Patched]

Does XP matter in COC?

Nope. Levels can be super rushed by donating or not ever and such. Levels are only looked at by a small strange corner of players who dont realize that number doesn’t mean much but time spent not any skill.

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