How do you get on the housing list in Aylesbury?

How do you get on the housing list in Aylesbury?

Buckinghamshire Council has a housing register for the Aylesbury Vale area, if you wish to apply to join the register this can be done online at Bucks Home Choice. There is a high demand for social housing and not everyone is eligible or meets the criteria to join.

How do I contact Aylesbury Council?

Call us. If you can’t contact us online, call us on 0300 131 6000. The line is open: Monday to Thursday 9am to 5:30pm.

What does Aylesbury Vale cover?

350 square miles of leafy, Buckinghamshire countryside. Home to 181,000 people. 40 miles west of London, 65 miles south east of Birmingham.

Do I qualify for Bucks Home Choice?

In order to register for Bucks Home Choice, an applicant must: Be aged 16 years or over (upon allocation of a property an applicant aged 16 or 17 years of age may be required to have a guarantor) Be eligible for an allocation of housing under Part 6 of the Housing Act 1996, and. Qualify for the Bucks Home Choice scheme.

What documents do I need for Bucks Home Choice?

You will be required to send us a copy of the baby’s full birth certificate and proof of child benefit/tax credits, if you have them and this can be done online via the website or by emailing them to your Bucks Home Choice Officer.

Who runs Aylesbury council?

Cllr Angela Macpherson
Aylesbury Vale District Council was the non-metropolitan second tier authority for Aylesbury Vale in Buckinghamshire….

Aylesbury Vale District Council
Leader of the Council Cllr Angela Macpherson, Conservative
Deputy Leader of the Council Cllr Steve Bowles, Conservative
Seats 59 councillors

How much is Aylesbury Vale council tax?

The most common Council Tax band in Aylesbury Vale is C, and the median Council Tax band is D. The average (mean) Council Tax value in Aylesbury Vale is £1,636.86….Council Tax Bands.

Band Amount Properties
Band E £1,896 11,655
Band F £2,240 8,455
Band G £2,585 6,562
Band H £3,102 397

Where is Buckinghamshire council based?

The council is based at The Gateway in Aylesbury, the site of the old district council. The new authority came into being on 1 April 2020.

How long does it take to shortlist a property?

Once the adverts are closed and all bids have been submitted, the properties will be shortlisted. Sometimes this is carried out by the Housing Providers themselves and sometimes Homes4Wiltshire staff carry out this function on behalf of the provider. Shortlisting can take up to three weeks to complete.

How does Bucks Home Choice work?

The scheme advertises social rented properties and aims to give more choice about where you live and when you move. There is a severe shortage of housing in the area and therefore you will need to consider all other housing options available to you.

What is band D on Bucks Home Choice?

The Bucks Home Choice allocation scheme sets out in detail, priority Bands for those who qualify. There are four priority Bands (A-D), with ‘A’ being the highest and most urgent and ‘D’ the lowest priority. These bands relate to reasonable preference categories.

Is Aylesbury a good place to live in?

Aylesbury is officially the worst place to live in the country – well, maybe not officially. The Buckinghamshire town has been handed the dubious honour for 2022, dethroning Peterborough which has held the title for three years. Aylesbury was voted top of the flops by visitors to satirical website iLiveHere.

Where should I live in Aylesbury?

Aylesbury has really improved and there are lots of lovely villages like Stone, Quainton, Wing, Wingrave. Tring is also lovely and about 20 mins away towards London. I’d go for outside Aylesbury itself personally.

What borough is Aylesbury in?


• London 36 miles (58 km)
Civil parish Aylesbury
Unitary authority Buckinghamshire
Ceremonial county Buckinghamshire

What council is Aylesbury?

Buckinghamshire Council
Buckinghamshire Council | Aylesbury, Chiltern, South Bucks, Wycombe.

Do you pay council tax every month?

Paying by instalments Payment of council tax is usually by 10 monthly instalments from April to January, but you can choose to pay 12 instalments over a full year. Instalments are normally due on the first of the month, however direct debit payers can choose between the 1st, 8th, 15th or 22nd of each month.

Which council is Aylesbury?

Which county is Aylesbury Vale in?

Buckinghamshire Council | Aylesbury Vale Area.

What does it mean to be nominated for a council house?

Local councils also nominate people for housing by the housing associations with properties in the area. To be nominated by the council for a housing association letting, applicants usually need to be at the top of the list – either in urgent need, or with priority for some other reason.

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