How do you mic overhead a drum?

How do you mic overhead a drum?

Drum Miking Cheat Sheet

  1. To minimize room sound, lower the OH microphones and point them toward the center of the kit.
  2. To maximize room sound, raise the OH microphones, angle them away from the drums, or use wider polar patterns.
  3. To minimize cymbal sound, try Recorderman.
  4. To ensure mono compatibility, use XY or MS.

How do you do XY overheads?


  1. XY.
  2. Setup is pretty well as it sounds, put the mics right next to each over the kit, with one mic pointing towards one side of the kit, one pointing the other.
  3. This is probably the most common method for miking overheads.
  4. ORTF is similar to XY, however there is a space between the two microphones.

What is Glyn Johns method?

The Glyn Johns method is a simple drum kit mic’ing technique using 3 or 4 mics, as heard on albums by The Rolling Stones, The Who and Led Zeppelin. There are several interpretations of it, however the principal remains the same. You need a good sounding kit in a decent room to make it work.

How do you pan Glyn Johns overheads?

Panning the Glyn Johns Way Pan your kick and snare mics to the center, as you’d do on any recording. Then, take your overhead mics, and pan the one above the snare halfway to the right. This gives it a little balance without taking it too far to the right.

Should overheads be panned hard left and right?

With overheads, I personally prefer to pan them hard left and right (7:00 and 5:00) because it’s the way I was taught and I do prefer it. For a less open stereo image, some people prefer to go less drastically left and right at about 8:00 and 4:00.

Should you put compression on overheads?

If you can get the sound you want going to tape you want with the equipment you have available, by all means make the commitment and print to tape. If you aren’t sure, hold off or underdo it. If i did compress, it would be to reduce the amount of toms and snare in the overheads more than anything.

How high should I set my drum overhead mics?

It can be an excellent ambience adjustment. As you bring the mics lower and closer you lose a bit of the ambience; go up and you get a bit more

  • It can be a stereo width control.
  • You can vary the heights of each mic independently to compensate for differences in time arrival from different parts of the kit.
  • What’s the best mic for overheads?

    How to Pick the Best Overhead Drum Microphones Small Diaphragm. Smaller pencil-shaped mics are small-diaphragm mics, and they’re generally accepted as more precise. Large Diaphragm. Large-diaphragm mics can sound more natural and less precise. Supercardioid. These provide a focussed image, which is not suitable for larger sets of drums. Cardioid. Omni.

    How to mix drum overheads?

    Take your hi-hat mic (small-diaphragm condenser microphone,ex.

  • Plug the mic into CHANNEL 3 of your audio interface
  • Position the mic so it’s pointing at about halfway between the edge and the bell,roughly 5 or 6 inches above the cymbal
  • What is the best drum mic kit?

    Shure PGA Drum Kit 7. As the manufacturer of some of the best wireless microphones of the past half century,Shure removes virtually all doubt that their PGA 7-Piece Drum

  • Audix DP7 Drum Mic Kit.
  • Samson DK707 7-Piece Drum Mic Kit.
  • Sennheiser E604 3-Pack.
  • Lewitt DTP Beat Kit Pro 7-Piece Drum Mic Kit.
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