How do you tell your friend you will always be there for them?

How do you tell your friend you will always be there for them?

‘I’m Here for You’ Messages to a Friend

  1. I’m here to listen.
  2. I’m here to help.
  3. It’s okay to cry in front of me.
  4. Tell me how you feel.
  5. Even if you don’t want to talk now, call me any time, day or night.
  6. You helped me when __________ .
  7. I know you’re an independent person, but I really want to help you with this.

What do you call a friend who is always there for you?

There are several words and phrases, from guardian-angel to a real friend. guardian-angel. a real friend. a protector. a patron saint.

How do you say someone is always there for you?


  1. always there.
  2. carrying the load.
  3. certain.
  4. come-through.
  5. constant.
  6. faithful.
  7. good as one’s word.
  8. loyal.

How can I express my feeling to my friend?

Try to gauge if your friend feels the same way. Listen to what they have to say and leave it at that. Confide in them, but don’t get them too involved. If you don’t feel comfortable with talking to someone you both know, you can talk it through with a friend who is more removed, a family member or even a therapist.

What does it mean to have a Friend Like You?

A friend doesn’t judge you and doesn’t give up on you when you aren’t perfect. They love you through all of the hard times. When you have someone like this in your life, you never have to worry about the friendship ending. 4.

Is it possible to have an amazing friendship?

Like all relationships, friendships aren’t always easy. People get angry, annoyed, disconnected, and many other emotions. Even though this may make things tough, you should still make the relationship a priority. When things get hard, work hard to make them work. Don’t give up on having an amazing friend because things got tough.

What is the difference between a friend who cares and best friend?

Sometimes, though, there is nothing that they can do, so they leave. A best friend will still be there, however, even when there is nothing they can do. They’ll be there to support you, comfort you, and just sit silently with you. As Nouwen stated, the friend who cares is the one who sits with you even when they can’t do anything.

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