How is odwira celebrated?

How is odwira celebrated?

The royal families prepare mashed yams with eggs to be sent to a shrine for the ancestors to eat. This food is carried on the head by women guided by men through the principal streets to the shrine. These women look drunk and tired, walk in an uncontrolled manner, stager sometimes, run occasionally and stop abruptly.

Is odwira an Akan festival?

Odwira is a celebration of national identity by the Akan or Asante people of Ghana, once known as the Gold Coast. The festival originated centuries ago as a time for people to assemble after the yam harvest, and was inaccurately called the Yam Festival by non-Africans.

What festival do Eastern Region celebrate?

Festivals In Ghana

41. Ngmayem Festival Manya Krobo Eastern
42. Aburi Odwira Festival Aburi Eastern
43. Akwantukese Festival New Juaben Eastern
44. Asafotutiami Festival Ada Greater Accra

Why was Odwira Festival important among the Asante?

Commemoration of Victory Over the Asante One of the most important reasons for the celebration of the Odwira festival is to remember the victory of the Akuapem over the Asante at the 1826 battle of Katamanso. Additionally, the festival is a time to honour the ancestors for that victory.

How many festival are in Ghana?

There are about 70 major annual traditional festivals in Ghana, celebrated either to memorialize harvest seasons (the most common type, usually after the rainy season), migration or territory expansion history, stool cleansing and more.

Which festival is celebrated in June in Ghana?

Eastern Region Tuesday and Wednesday in June or July. Anniversary of Akyem Nation and thanksgiving for the harvest. There is a two-week ban on drumming, dancing and noisemaking prior to the festival. Festival by Akim people to honor their local chiefs.

What is Ghanaian festival?

List of traditional festivals and their month of celebration

Festival in Ghana Tribe that celebrates
Aboakyer Efutu (Winneba)
Kundum Nzema
Foo (Fao) Navrongo
Kpini Chugu (Guinea fowl Festival) Dagombas, Mamprusis, Nanumbas, Kokombas and Basaris

Who celebrates odwira?

The Odwira festival is celebrated by the chiefs and peoples of Fanteakwa District in the Eastern region of Ghana. The Odwira Festival is celebrated by the people of Akropong-Akuapim, Aburi, Larteh and Mamfi. This is celebrated annually in the month of September and October.

What are the ten festivals in Ghana?

Ghana’s Top Festivals to Add to Your Bucket List

  • Traditional Festivals.
  • Homowo – May.
  • Aboakyir – May.
  • Bakatue – July.
  • Asafotufiam – August.
  • Oguaa Fetu Afahye – September.
  • Hogbetsotso – September.
  • Akwasidae – Once every six weeks.

What are the three main festivals in Ghana?

What are the importance of celebrating festivals in Ghana?

Festivals in Ghana are celebrated for many reasons pertaining to a particular tribe or culture, usually having backgrounds relating to an occurrence in the history of that culture. Examples of such occurrences have been hunger, migration, purification of either gods or stools, etc.

What are festivals in Ghana?

What is the five festivals?

Q: What are the biggest festivals in the Philippines?

  • Sinulog Festival – Cebu.
  • Ati-Atihan Festival – Aklan.
  • Dinagyang Festival – Iloilo City.
  • Pahiyas Festival – Lucban, Quezon.
  • Panagbenga Festival – Baguio City.
  • Lechon Festival – Batangas.
  • Kadayawan Festival – Davao City.
  • MassKara Festival – Bacolod.

How many festivals are there name them?

24 National Festivals of India, Religious Festivals of 2022 – FabHotels Blog.

What is purpose of celebrating festival?

Festivals are an expressive way to celebrate glorious heritage, culture and traditions. They are meant to rejoice special moments and emotions in our lives with our loved ones. They play an important role to add structure to our social lives, and connect us with our families and backgrounds.

What are the different festivals celebrated in your country?

Most Famous Festivals of India

  1. Diwali. Diwali which is celebrated through the varied cultures of the country with vigor and enthusiasm, irrespective of different religions and societies.
  2. Holi. Holi Celebration.
  3. Dussehra. Dussehra celebration in Mysore.
  4. Ramadan/ Eid –Ul-Fitr.
  5. Christmas.
  6. Ganesh Chaturthi.
  7. Durga Pooja.
  8. Baishakhi.

Why are celebrations important to culture?

Cultural celebrations foster respect and open-mindedness for other cultures. Celebrating our differences, as well as our common interests, helps unite and educate us. To understand other’s perspectives, to broaden our own, and to fully experience and educate ourselves.

What is the Odwira festival in Ghana?

The Odwira Festival is celebrated by the people of Denkyira in the Central Region. The festival runs for weeks, beginning at Jukwa, the traditional capital, and ends at Dunkwa- On- Offin, the administrative capital. It signifies cleansing or bathing their ancestors and lesser gods.

Why do we celebrate Akuapem Odwira festival?

It is also celebrated by the people of Jamestown in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana as a result of their long association with the Akans through intermarriages.The Akuapem Odwira festival was initiated by the 19th Okuapimhene of Akropong, Nana Addo Dankwa 1 (1811-1835) and was first celebrated in October 1826.

Why is there a silence during Odwira festival?

This period of “Silence” is found necessary in order to give the ancestors and gods of the state the right atmosphere in which they can prepare for the “Odwira”. This period also serves to mentally prepare whole Denkyira state for coming to the festival.

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