How long does it take to road trip around Tasmania?

How long does it take to road trip around Tasmania?

The Lap of Tasmania route [map] is around 1,500km long, and we feel that you should allow at least 7 days (this itinerary shows you how). Ideally, we recommend 14 days or more to drive around Tasmania (especially if you are in a caravan).

Can you drive around Tasmania in 5 days?

My 5 days in Tasmania Road Trip Itinerary Well, Tasmania is no exception – even though on the map it looks like a small portion of Australia, it’s still quite huge. If you want to hit everything Tasmania has to offer then I reckon you’ll need a good 10-14 days.

Can you drive around Tasmania in a week?

Fair warning, one week is the absolute minimum amount of time I recommend for a full Lap of Tasmania. It’s a small island, but it is also jam-packed full of things to see and do.

How many days are enough for Tasmania?

There is a lot to see in Tasmania, so you’ll want to allow at least a few days or one week. If you really want to see the entire island, you would need at least 2-3 weeks, however.

Do you need a 4WD to drive around Tasmania?

You don’t need a 4WD or an SUV to explore Tasmania but with one you can get off the beaten track, away from the crowds, and have a wide-open book to enjoy.

What is the best time of year to see the Southern Lights in Tasmania?

June through August are the darkest months in Tasmania, when you’ll most likely see the southern lights. No matter when you visit, you’ll need to wait for a dark, clear night to try and see the southern lights in Tasmania; in summer, you might need to stay up a bit later too.

How do I plan a road trip in Tasmania?

How to Plan Your Tasmania Itinerary [2022 Road Trip Guide]

  1. 🏙️ Day 1 – Hobart.
  2. 🌊 Day 2 – Freycinet National Park.
  3. 🔥 Day 3 – Bay of Fires.
  4. Day 4 – Lavender Fields.
  5. ⛰️ Day 5 – Cradle Mountain.
  6. ⛵ Day 6 – Strahan.
  7. 🌲 Day 7 – Mount Field National Park.
  8. 🚗 Day 8 – Drive to Bruny Island.

What is the warmest part of Tasmania?

The hottest areas of the state are in the valleys west of Hobart, where summer temperatures regularly rise above 25 °C (77 °F). During heatwaves, temperatures in this region can rise above 40 °C (104 °F).

What is the wettest part of Tasmania?

Wettest places by mean rainfall in Tasmania

Ranking Place Name Annual Mean Rainfall (mm)
1 Tullah, TAS 2800 mm
2 Rosebery, TAS 2190 mm
3 Waratah, TAS 2190 mm
4 Zeehan, TAS 1470 mm

What is the coldest part of Tasmania?

Liawenee is the coldest permanently-inhabited place in Australia….Liawenee.

Liawenee Tasmania
Location 122 km (76 mi) NNW of Hobart
Mean max temp Mean min temp Annual rainfall 12.2 °C 54 °F – 1.6 °C 29 °F 923 mm 36.3 in

How far should I Drive on a Tasmania road trip?

For the perfect, relaxing road trip we recommend trying to keep your time on the road to around 100-200km per day. If you are wondering how to plan your Tasmania road trip and choose the best route around the island, you will love our handy eBook – ‘How to Plan Your Tasmania Road Trip‘.

Where can I find a map of Tasmania?

This map of Tasmania is provided by Google Maps, whose primary purpose is to provide local street maps rather than a planetary view of the Earth. Within the context of local street searches, angles and compass directions are very important, as well as ensuring that distances in all directions are shown at the same scale.

What is the Tasmania guide?

Our goal is to help people see all of the amazing things they want to and invite them to discover places and events they never knew existed. Our comprehensive guide for things to do in Tasmania was created by locals who know the island and have assisting travellers for many years.

How many days do you need to visit Tasmania?

Tasmania is Australia’s smallest state and with a maximum width and length of 300 km, it is manageable to explore many of the highlights on one visit. You could race around and see the east coast sights in one week, but 10-14 days will give you a chance to slow down and explore a little bit deeper.

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