How long should I backpack through Europe?

How long should I backpack through Europe?

The general rule is that larger European cities require 2-4 full days (3-5 nights), and smaller cities generally only require 1-2 full days (2-3 nights). We say full days because, on days that you travel to or from a city, you will likely only get a few hours in the morning or evening to explore.

How much does it cost to backpack Europe 2 months?

How much does it cost to travel Europe for 2 months? The minimum amount of money you can expect to spend during your 2 month Europe itinerary (not including) flights is 6,000 USD. This assumes that your food, accommodation and transport within the continent will cost no less than 100 USD per person, per day.

Is backpacking through Europe safe?

Europe is very safe for backpacking and solo traveling, even if you’re traveling solo, and even as a solo female traveler.

Do you need a visa to backpack in Europe?

If you are an American citizen traveling for pleasure within Europe, and staying no longer than 90 days in most countries, you most likely don’t need a visa of any sort- just a passport, valid for at least 6 months after you plan to return home.

Is it safe to carry a backpack in Europe?

Generally traveling with a backpack in Europe is very safe. You can protect yourself by exercising caution, never leaving your bag alone, and investing in a bag lock. You may also consider a anti-theft bag like the Pacsafe Venturesafe.

What does a rolling 180-day period mean?

The 90/180-day rule refers to not spending more than ’90 days in any 180-day period’ in the Schengen area. This concerns those people entering the area as visitors from third countries whose nationals are exempt from visitor visas (nationals of certain countries may not even visit France without a visa).

Are European hostels safe?

Hostels in Europe are very safe. To minimize the risk of any negative experiences, most hostels have good security features, processes, and staffing. Online reviews are a good way to check the features of a hostel before booking.

Do they wear jeans in Europe?

Jeans, especially skinny jeans, are worn by many Europeans, but they don’t make for great travel pants, as they take very long to dry. What is this? Build a European Fashion capsule wardrobe for your trip with pieces that you can layer and mix and match and wear with each other. Wear colors that locals wear.

What is the best travel backpack for Europe?

Osprey Farpoint Travel Backpack. The bag doesn’t scream,“Look at me,I’m a foreign backpacker!” This is one of the key considerations we made.

  • Osprey Sojourn. Of the bags in our Top 5,the Osprey Sojourn wheeled backpack is our personal favorite for backpacking through Europe.
  • Pacsafe Venturesafe EXP.
  • Inateck 40L Travel Backpack.
  • High Sierra AT3.
  • How to plan your first Backpacking Europe trip?

    Get your hands on a physical map. For trip planning,paper maps are my secret weapon.

  • Check out Pinterest for inspiration AND information. A lot of people don’t realize this,but Pinterest is actual a search engine.
  • Put some actual thought into your travel buddy. I definitely wouldn’t ask just anyone to join you backpacking through Europe.
  • What to pack when backpacking across Europe?

    Neck Wallet. Europe is unfortunately notorious for its pickpockets at all major tourist attractions and especially in cities like Paris,Rome,London,Barcelona,Amsterdam,and Dublin.

  • Lipstick-sized portable charger. This external power bank for charging your devices is simply irreplaceable.
  • Europe power adapter.
  • Natural Jet Lag Relief pills.
  • How to pack for a backpacking trip through Europe?

    Europe Travel Packing List. As a summary, here is our ultimate travel packing list for Europe: Suitcase/travel backpack. 3-4 t-shirts. 2-3 blouses or shirts. 1 dress/elegant shirt. 1 cardigan/sweater. 1 lightweight jacket. 1 pair of dark wash jeans. 1 pair of trousers/capris. 1 pair of shorts. 1-2 skirts. 1 pair of long underwear/wool leggings.

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