How many people use instant messaging?

How many people use instant messaging?

42% of internet users—more than 53 million American adults—report using instant messaging.

How many people are using messaging apps?

In 2021, an estimate of 3.09 billion mobile phone users accessed over-the-top messaging apps to communicate.

What is the most popular most number of users instant messaging app service in the world today?


With two billion active users, WhatsApp is the number one messaging app, followed by the Chinese messaging app WeChat with 1.2 billion users and the Messenger by Meta with close to one billion users.

How many iMessage users are there?

about 1.3 billion active
However, based on information shared by Apple itself, it is estimated that iMessage has about 1.3 billion active users worldwide, making it as popular as Facebook Messenger, second only to WhatsApp.

How many instant messages are sent each day?

Over 6 billion texts are sent every day. (CTIA) (Tweet this!)

Is instant messaging Good for business?

These tools provide communication tools like link sharing, status setting, and other capabilities that enhance the conversation. Instant messaging is an excellent option for business communication since it connects all team members from different departments to facilitate professional conversations.

What is the most popular messaging app 2022?

According to the latest data, as of 2022, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world, with two billion monthly active users. The chat app’s user base has been growing quickly and consistently over the years.

Who uses messenger the most?

Most Popular Chat Apps by Country

Country Most Popular App (By Active Users)
United Kingdom (UK) WhatsApp
United States of America (USA) Facebook Messenger
Uruguay *WhatsApp
Uzbekistan *Telegram Messenger

What is the number 1 texting app?

Not only are WhatsApp and WeChat the most popular messaging apps in the world, but they’re also the only ones with more than one billion monthly active users. The third-most popular messaging app in the world is Facebook Messenger. Worldwide, there are 988 million Facebook Messenger users.

How many texts does the average person send a day 2022?

An average person sends 72 text messages per day.
How many texts are sent per day? Well, that depends whether you’re asking per person or overall. The average person sends 72, although that includes app-to-app messages. This further means that they send three messages every hour.

What percent of businesses use SMS marketing?

9. 38 Percent Of Business Owners Use SMS Marketing to Boost Sales and Offer Promotions (SimpleTexting) There are a number of use cases for SMS, from order updates to customer service inquiries.

What are the pros and cons of instant messaging?

11. Instant messaging pros and cons

Advantages Disadvantages
Allows you to chat in ‘real time’ to other people who also have an IM client. As it is immediate, you have no time to reflect on the message you are sending, unlike an email where you can review the draft before sending.

What are the cons of instant messaging?

Cons of instant messaging (and how to fix them)

  1. Multiple tools. Unlike email, instant messaging is a proprietary tool that can become siloed inside different groups and tools.
  2. Participation.
  3. Noise.
  4. Relying on chat only.
  5. Lack of push.

Which chatting app is most used in the world?

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app worldwide, and is the most used app in over 150 countries. Viber and Telegram have both become popular in certain countries and regions, like the Africa, the Middle East and South America.

Why is messenger so popular?

People use messengers not only to communicate or stay in touch with their family and friends, but also for many other reasons. And these include business related purposes, such as seeking out assistance and customer support, providing feedback, making purchases and appointments.

What is the most popular texting app 2022?

Who uses Telegram the most?

Telegram users by region
Telegram’s largest market is India, which accounts for more than 20% of its userbase. Telegram also has a large amount of users in countries with heavy censorship and surveillance, such as Iran, Russia, and Uzbekistan.

How many instant messages are sent per day?

Over 6 billion texts are sent every day. (CTIA) (Tweet this!) 13. Over 180 billion texts are sent every month.

What is the success rate of SMS marketing?

SMS Gets More Engagement
According to Gartner, SMS open rates run as high as 98% compared to email’s 20% mark. What’s more is the data cited by Digital Marketing Magazine indicating 75% of consumers actually prefer to receive promotions via text message.

What is disadvantage of instant messaging?

Instant messaging (aka chat) has become an important and easy internal communications channel for many organizations. It’s changing how individuals and teams interact at work. But, it has its downsides. Instant messaging can become noisy, distracting, and irrelevant to work.

What are three 3 disadvantages of SMS instant messaging and social media?

12 Disadvantages of Text Messaging

  • Misunderstandings.
  • Impersonal.
  • Expectation to Read and Respond.
  • General Distraction.
  • Texting and Driving.
  • Socially Disruptive.
  • Group Texts.
  • Obsessive/Addictive.

What chat app is everyone using?

WhatsApp is the most-used chat app, delivering approximately 100 billion messages per day to two billion users worldwide. Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014.

Which country uses WhatsApp the least?

Phone messaging users in Australia presented the lowest usage share of WhatsApp, with only 33 percent of mobile phone messaging app users reporting engaging with the Meta-owned app.

Who uses Messenger the most?

Why messengers are becoming more popular than social media?

And this is because whether people are chatting to family, friends or businesses, today they pursue chat apps that can provide as many lighting-fast and engaging experiences as possible. People use messengers not only to communicate or stay in touch with their family and friends, but also for many other reasons.

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