How much does a Juice Plus Tower garden cost?

How much does a Juice Plus Tower garden cost?

Tower Garden (plus shipping) = $575. Seedlings = $45 (based on 30 seedlings at $1.50 each) Tower Tonic mineral blend (plus shipping) = $60.

Is Tower garden worth the money?

I found that the plants in my Tower Garden are much healthier and stronger than the same plants in my organic garden beds. They also seem to be much less affected by bugs and diseases than their dirt growing siblings. There is hardly any need for pest or disease control.

Which is better Tower garden or lettuce grow?

If you have limited indoor space, we recommend the 12-plant-size from Lettuce Grow’s Farmstand. And, if you have a space that gets a lot of sunlight, Tower Garden’s HOME Growing System, which does not include artificial lighting, is your best bet.

Is Tower garden a MLM?

Serious point: Juice Plus Tower Garden growing systems are an MLM product. This means that a far greater percentage of the price is added on for commission purposes compared to other similar products. This is because there are many sales people to be paid down a number of “levels”.

How often do you change water in Tower Garden?

every 10–20 days
You’ll likely find that your indoor Tower Garden needs refilling every 10–20 days (depending on what you’re growing and what stage the plants are in). Larger, more mature plants are thirstier, so to speak, and will drain the reservoir more quickly than seedlings.

What can you not grow in a tower Garden?

What can I grow with Tower Farms? Vegetables, herbs, fruits, flowers — you can grow just about anything (except root crops, grapevines, bushes, and trees) with Tower Farms.

Is Tower Garden healthy?

With Tower Garden, growers can have access to heart-healthy greens year-round. Our aeroponic gardens can grow delicious fruits and vegetables three times faster than traditional gardening methods, not to mention with up to 30% greater yields. This makes it easy to incorporate heart-healthy foods into every meal.

Is Tower garden healthy?

What grows best in a tower garden?

Best Crops to Grow Indoors With Tower Garden

  • Kale. Offering vitamin C, calcium, and potassium, kale is the perfect indoor crop candidate to keep your immune system healthy all year long.
  • Basil. Ever wanted to make pesto?
  • Chives.
  • Spinach.
  • Swiss chard.

Who manufactures tower garden?

the Juice Plus+ Company
You may know the Juice Plus+ Company makes Tower Garden. And at the Juice Plus+ Company, we strive to inspire healthy living around the world.

Should you trim the roots in a tower garden?

Trim periodically. Prune plants to remove stressed or damaged foliage, encourage new growth, and improve air circulation and sun exposure. But be careful to not cut back more than 1/3 of the plant. To keep roots away from the pump, cut long roots in half.

How often should I add nutrients to my tower garden?

You’ll likely find that your indoor Tower Garden needs refilling every 10–20 days (depending on what you’re growing and what stage the plants are in). Larger, more mature plants are thirstier, so to speak, and will drain the reservoir more quickly than seedlings.

How often should I change the water in my tower garden?

Can I use tap water in my tower garden?

For softened water (i.e., water from a home softener system), fill your Tower Garden using a reverse osmosis filter system or buy distilled water. For chlorinated water, which includes most tap water, leave the water out in the sun for 48 hours.

Where is Tower Garden manufactured?

I became the manufacturer of the Tower for Juice Plus at my facility in Anderson, SC and produced 30,000 units until they requested assistance to transfer the manufacturing to their own facility in Memphis, TN.

How often do you add nutrients to Tower Garden?

How long has tower garden been around?

In 1991 my daughter Samantha was born and not long after we moved to Anderson, South Carolina after selling our family textile business. There, I began working on a new type of vertical gardening system and this product would become the Tower Garden as recognized today.

How many pods are in a tower garden?

Tower Garden FLEX holds up to 20 plants — whether you’re growing vegetables, herbs, fruits or flowers. With an extension kit, you can as many as 28 plants. With a baby greens extension kit, it holds up to 52 plants.

How often should the water run in Tower Garden?

What is Tower Garden by Juice Plus+?

to the exciting new world of vertical aeroponic gardening. Your Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ sits inside this box. After some quick and easy assembly, you’ll be ready to start growing your own fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, and more.

How can I Make my tower garden more productive?

® Extremely important for a productive Tower Garden 1. Full sun or high light level for a minimum of 5-6 hours is a requirement if you desire highly productive food crops. If you live in a location with intense summer heat, it can be helpful to have some shade, starting mid-afternoon into the evening. Choose a location for your Tower Garden

What is the phone number for Tower Garden customer care?

on Tower Talk – or if you’d like to order additional Tower Gardens or Tower Garden accessories – we offer live Customer Care Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Central time at 866-235-0414. Thank you for purchasing the Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ Tim Blank Developer of the Tower Garden Chief Technology Officer of Tower Garden , LLC

What can I grow in the Tower Garden®?

It uses aeroponics to produce nutritious, great-tasting tomatoes without soil and in less time than traditional gardening. If you plan to grow tomatoes, squash, or other large vegetable crops in your Tower Garden®, this cage will give them needed support. 18 | 1.866.235.0414 Section 5: Tall (e.g., chard, celery, borage, leeks)

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