Is Glentress closed?

Is Glentress closed?

Latest forest information FLS are beginning to build new trails and infrastructure at Glentress as part of the Glentress masterplan project. Construction has now begun. The Upper Peel Car Park has been fenced off to allow the trail builder to work, and will be closed until September 2022.

Can you walk around Glentress?

There are walking routes for everyone here. At Glentress, you can take an easy stroll around ponds just near the café, follow the stories of people who lived here in prehistoric times, or take a hike into the hills for some superb views.

How many trails does Glentress have?

There’s a choice of two trails here, one from the Buzzard’s Nest car park halfway up the hill and one starting at the cafe down at the bottom. Both feature smooth singletrack. Blue trail: 8 to 16km. The blue route is made up of two 8km loops, which can be ridden one after another or on their own.

Is there an uplift at Glentress?

The Glentress Uplift allows you to get more descents in a day by taking most of the climb out of the hill for you. Are you tired dragging the kids up the hill or pushing their bikes…we are here to help!

Is newcastleton MTB Open?

Latest forest information The lower half of the Blue mountain bike route is open. The Red Route is now back open with three diversions. See bike section for details. The Hanging Tree walking trail remains closed due to significant storm damage.

Where can you mountain bike in Scotland?

The 8 Best Mountain Bike Trail Centres in Scotland

  • Kirroughtree.
  • Glenlivet.
  • Laggan Wolftrax.
  • Comrie Croft.
  • Glentress – The Tweed Valley.
  • Innerleithen – The Tweed Valley.
  • Fort William.

How long is glentress red?

This is 600m long with a 50 metre drop – take care at the bridges. Following this there are two short sections of singletrack with brief sections on roads to get you across the Glentress Burn and on to Cardie Hill. Finally it’s a left turn to the Falla Brae singletrack dropping to the forest road just above The Hub.

Who owns glentress?

Emma Guy and Tracey Brunger have run the cafe, bike hire and coaching business for 10 years. They’ve helped make Glentress, near Peebles in the Tweed Valley, one of the world’s most successful trail centres.

Where are the 7 stains?

of Scotland
What are the 7stanes? The 7stanes are seven mountain biking centres spanning the south of Scotland, from the heart of the Scottish Borders to Dumfries and Galloway.

Can you cycle anywhere in Scotland?

Scotland’s access rights are yours to enjoy – as long as you do so responsibly. These rights apply to most land and inland water and include walking, cycling and other non-motorised activities.

Where is Glentress Forest?

Glentress Forest is the gateway to the Tweed Valley Forest Park and is located only an hour’s drive south of Edinburgh. There are more forest trails in Glentress than in any other Tweed Valley forest making it the ideal base from which to explore the Forest Park.

Which is the best 7 stanes?

7stanes – mountain biking heaven

  • Dalbeattie, near Dumfries.
  • Forest of Ae, near Dumfries.
  • Glentress, near Peebles.
  • Glentrool, in Galloway.
  • Innerleithen, near Peebles.
  • Kirroughtree, in Galloway.
  • Mabie, near Dumfries.
  • Newcastleton, in the Borders.

Why is it called 7 stanes?

They are all in Forestry and Land Scotland forests and are known as the 7stanes because each venue features a ‘stane’ (Scots for stone), created by artist Gordon Young, somewhere along the forest trails.

Is the nc500 hard to cycle?

The hills are continuous, short and very steep. Drumbeg is beautiful and some say it’s their favourite section of the route, but I think doing something so intense with tired legs before warming up was super hard and maybe not the best ahead of another long day on the bike!

What is a Stane in Scotland?

‘Stane’ is the Scots word for stone, and at each of the 7stanes locations, you’ll find a unique stone sculpture – a stane – reflecting a local myth or legend. The stanes are found in prominent locations on the trails in the forests.

Can you do NC500 on a bike?

Self-Drive – The North Coast 500 Arrive at Scotland’s most northerly point by bike. Cycle through the incredible scenery of northern Scotland on winding tarmac past towering mountains, sandy beaches and rolling wilderness.

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