What did Achilles do in the Trojan War?

What did Achilles do in the Trojan War?

Achilles’ most notable feat during the Trojan War was the slaying of the Trojan prince Hector outside the gates of Troy. Although the death of Achilles is not presented in the Iliad, other sources concur that he was killed near the end of the Trojan War by Paris, who shot him with an arrow.

Is the story of Achilles in Troy true?

The consensus of Historians and scholars seems to be that Achilles was a legend. His humanity was not literal but rather literary. Homer’s skill created a character that encompassed both the heroism and the failings of the warriors who held Troy’s walls against a siege.

Why is Achilles not a hero?

Achilles can be described as a Tragic Hero in many ways. He was brave and had great strength but, he was also prideful and lacked control with his emotions, and in all the label of a tragic hero fits him.

Is Achilles good or evil?

We also see Achilles being bad. Above and beyond the aforementioned sulking, and those actions that don’t square with 21st-century morality, are outrages intolerable even in his battle-hardened society. No one, god or Greek, can approve of Achilles’ attempts to defile Hector’s corpse.

Why is Achilles so famous?

Achilles was considered a hero because he was the most successful soldier in the Greek army during the Trojan War. According to post-Homeric myths, Achilles was physically invulnerable, and it was prophesied that the Greeks could not win the Trojan War without him.

Is the Trojan horse a true story?

While historians have concluded that the horse wasn’t real, they have also concluded that the city of Troy was. They also concluded that there was in fact a war between the Greeks and the people of Troy.

Why was Achilles reluctant to fight in the Trojan War?

– A Navy, along with the favor of Poseidon – More heroes, and mightier ones as well. Among the Trojans, there was Hector, Aeneas, Sarpedon, MAYBE some of the lesser sons of Priam…but that’s it. – More and smarter Gods on their side. Aphrodite could only

What did Achilles have to do with the Trojan War?

During the Trojan War, Achilles was unstoppable. He killed many of Troy’s greatest warriors. However, the battle raged on for years. Many of the Greek gods were involved, some helping the Greeks and others helping the Trojans.

Who wins Achilles’ arms in the Trojan War?


  • Patroklos
  • Diomedes
  • Odysseus
  • Antilokus
  • Menestheus
  • Idomenus
  • Ajax
  • Why does Achilles fight in the Trojan War?

    Why did Achilles and Hector fight? Enraged by the death of his friend, Achilles reconciled with Agamemnon and joined the other Greeks in fighting against the Trojans in order to pursue Hector . As the Greeks stormed the Trojan castle, Hector came out to meet Achilles in single combat–wearing the fateful armor of Achilles taken off the body of Patroclus.

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