What is a surface ignitor?

What is a surface ignitor?

What is a hot surface igniter? A silicon nitride hot surface igniter is a device to light gas in gas burner, gas furnace or gas boiler appliances. Hot surface ignitor are the most commonly used electronic ignition system. It works like a light bulb filament, heating up when electricity is passed through it.

How much does a hot surface ignitor cost?

A furnace ignitor replacement costs $100 to $250 on average. Most universal hot-surface ignitor prices are $15 to $35 for the part alone. Gas furnace ignitor prices are $20 to $100 for parts from the original manufacturer (OEM). The labor cost to replace a heater ignitor is $80 to $200.

Why does my oven igniter keep breaking?

If your igniter is no longer working in your oven or is far too dirty to realistically clean off well enough, then it needs to be replaced. Before beginning, you will want to disconnect your oven from its power source as well as to shut off the gas to it.

How long does a hot surface ignitor last?

about seven years
No matter which type of ignitor is in your Furnace, this chain of events lights your heater so that it blows hot air. Don’t worry—an ignitor that goes bad is common for most furnaces. Fortunately, you can replace the ignitor without replacing the whole Furnace. Most ignitors last about seven years.

How many volts go to a hot surface ignitor?

A hot surface igniter can burn out at approximately 132 V. Even voltages in excess of 125 V may reduce igniter life. If high voltage is present, the power company should be requested to lower the power.

How much does it cost to replace a furnace hot surface ignitor?

Labor costs can be expensive if you are in dire need of heat and place an emergency call outside of normal business hours. The average price of a professional to replace a furnace ignitor can range from $175 to $300, though this number includes the part as well.

How much is a hot surface igniter for a furnace?

What are hot surface igniters used for?

We are the premier manufacturer of hot surface ignition products for a wide range of industries. Our igniters are commonly used in BBQ grills, clothes dryers, gas ranges, HVAC systems, boilers, and more.

When was the first surface igniter made?

The Carborundum Company developed the first silicon gas igniter in the late 1960s, the iconic double helix igniter. Surface Igniter, LLC was established in 1997 when Graphite Sales Inc. purchased the silicon carbide/hot surface igniter business from the Carborundum Company.

What is a hotrod ignitor used for?

The HotRod Ignitor upgrades silicon carbide integrated or non-integrated systems to long-lasting and durable nitride ensuring consistent performance and long ignitor life. The HotRod EX Ignitor replaces more than 200 HSI Ignitor Applications in gas-fired forced air furnaces, boilers and water heater applications.

Is hot surface ignition still the best gas ignition method?

However, it was rapidly adopted throughout the gas industry. After more than 40 years, hot surface ignition remains the most reliable and cost-effective gas ignition method.

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