What is a verb for Ensure?

What is a verb for Ensure?

(ɪnʃʊər ) Word forms: ensures, ensuring, ensured. transitive verb. To ensure something, or to ensure that something happens, means to make certain that it happens. [formal]

What is a synonym for insure?

Some common synonyms of insure are assure, ensure, and secure.

What is called Ensure?

transitive verb. : to make sure, certain, or safe : guarantee.

What is the definition of the word assuring?

transitive verb. 1 : to make sure or certain : convince glancing back to assure himself no one was following. 2 : to inform positively I assure you that we can do it. 3 : to make certain the coming or attainment of : guarantee worked hard to assure accuracy.

What is another word for made sure?

Similar words for made sure: check (verb) confirm (verb) ensure (verb) follow up (verb)

Whats the difference between ensure and assure?

To assure someone is to remove someone’s doubts. To ensure something is to make sure it happens—to guarantee it.

When to use assure vs reassure?

If you assure somebody of something, or that something is so, you make them sure of its truth/certainty. If you reassure somebody, you make them less nervous or worried.

What is the noun of Ensure?

surety. Certainty. That which makes sure; that which confirms; ground of confidence or security. (law) A promise to pay a sum of money in the event that another person fails to fulfill an obligation.

Is ensured a past participle?

The present participle of ensure is ensuring. The past participle of ensure is ensured.

What is relationship to insured?

Your relationship to the insured. You may be related to the insured person in one of several ways and be entitled to benefits as his or her child, i.e., as a natural child, legally adopted child, stepchild, grandchild, stepgrandchild, or equitably adopted child.

How do you say make sure?


  1. certain.
  2. positive.
  3. clear.
  4. decided.
  5. convinced.
  6. persuaded.
  7. confident.
  8. satisfied.

What is the difference between ensure and insure?

The alternative minimum tax (AMT) was created to close loopholes and ensure that all U.S. taxpayers pay their fair share of taxes. When you pay an AMT, some or all of that additional tax is for

When to use insure or ensure?

“ Insure ” gives surety that the insurer will be able to afford the repairs of their damaged property if and when it is damaged. On the other hand, “ Ensure ” provides surety to anything and everything. The only one letter difference at the beginning makes the spelling rather confusing and remember which means which.

What is the difference in ensure vs insure and assure?

Insurance advertising. The faux-synonymy between insure and ensure is clear if we notice how advertisements use them interchangeably as a clever pun,such as insurance companies with names like Esurance.

  • Insure and ensure sound the same.
  • Assure vs.
  • When to use ensure or assure?

    Use ensure when something is being guaranteed. Ensure means “to make certain that something will happen.” The object of the verb is always a thing, never a person. If you are taking action to guarantee the result you want, use “ensure.” To ensure your cooperation, we have posted armed guards throughout the facility.

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