What is D-bus Linux?

What is D-bus Linux?

Dbus is an Inter-Process Communication protocol (IPC). It allows multiple processes to exchange information in a standardized way. This is typically used to separate the back end system control from the user-facing interface.

What is dbus-daemon?

dbus-daemon is the D-Bus message bus daemon. See http://www.freedesktop.org/software/dbus/ for more information about the big picture. D-Bus is first a library that provides one-to-one communication between any two applications; dbus-daemon is an application that uses this library to implement a message bus daemon.

What is D-Bus used for?

In computing, D-Bus (short for “Desktop Bus”) is a message-oriented middleware mechanism that allows communication between multiple processes running concurrently on the same machine.

What is D-bus activation?

What is D-Bus activation?

What is Dbus communication?

What is dbus communication?

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What is the use of D Bus in Linux?

One of the most important developments to come out of the Linux desktop is the Desktop Bus (D-Bus), a message-passing system. D-Bus is important because it serves as an interprocess communication mechanism that allows desktop applications to talk to each other […].

What is the history of DBUs-bus?

D-Bus was started in 2002 by Havoc Pennington, Alex Larsson ( Red Hat) and Anders Carlsson. The version 1.0 —considered API stable— was released in November 2006. The dbus-daemon plays a significant role in modern Linux graphical desktop environments.

What is the use of a session bus in D-Bus?

D-Bus can also be used as a framework to integrate different components of a user application. For instance, an office suite can communicate through the session bus to share data between a word processor and a spreadsheet.

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