What is Fagonia good for?

What is Fagonia good for?

The whole plant is used for medical purpose; popularly known in hilly areas as a fever remedy source. Infusion is effective as cooling agent in stomatitis. It is known to purify blood and also acts as a deobstruent [36]. It is also used for skin diseases, small pox and for endothermic reaction in the body [41].

What is Fagonia Arabica?

Fagonia arabica is a tropical herb belonging to family Zygophyllaceae, found in the entire Indian subcontinent and is commonly known as ‘Dhamasa’. It is a green shrub of 1 to 3 feet height found on calcareous rocks distributed throughout the Mediterranean region of Africa, Afghanistan, India and Pakistan (16).

What is Dhamasa plant?

Also known as Fagonia, dhamasa booti is a thorny plant from the family of Zygophyllaceae that is often used in hilly areas as a single herbal medication for common health concerns like fever, skin diseases, heart diseases, cancer as well as hepatitis.

How do you use Fagonia Cretica?

Uses of Duralabha The dried powder of the plant Fagonia cretica is taken in a dose of 5 g and mixed with milk and consumed to improve the health in condition of general debility. Cold infusion of Duralabha is given in a dose of 40-50 ml to treat condition of burning micturition and difficulty in micturition.

How do you make Fagonia tea?

Take 10g of Fagonia cretica Powder in 400ml (approx) water and soak the powder overnight. Next morning, shake the water + powder mixture well and then boil on a low flame (boil slowly) to reduce the water quantity to half (200ml approx). Drink the Tea after filtering the Powder through a fine seive or cloth.

How do you use Fagonia powder?

Where is Fagonia found in Pakistan?

1 Fagonia indica is the variety found in Sindh and is locally known as Sacchi Booti, which literally translates as the ‘True Herb’.

What is Suchi booti?

Fagonia Arabica better known locally as ‘Suchi Booti’ has many healing properties and is good for: Improving heart and mental ability. Helpful in treatment of body pains. Curing allergies. Healing pimples and other dermatology problems.

What is Sachi booti?

Description. An effective herbal remedy for cancer, ulcers, blood impurities, blood pressure and diabetes.

How do you take Dhamasa booti?

How To Consumed Fagonia (Dhamasa Booti) The best way to consume fagonia powder is to prepare it with desi ghee. The preparation is very easy, you just have to add 100g of fagonia powder in 6 tablespoons of heated desi ghee. Desi ghee is used to remove dryness from powder.

What is Sachi Boti?

How to take Fagonia cretica?

Fagonia Cretica is a shrub. It is perennial. It grows in an arid climate. Best used for Cancer. Cretan Pri… Fagonia Cr… Fagonia Cr… Fagonia Cr… Manto De L… Shawkat Ul… Shokat Ah Tamramuli Prepare a tea from the dried herb. Take it, twice a day. Grind Fagonia Cretica leaves and flowers.

What is the mixing ratio of organic Fagonia cretica for cancer?

Because in an early case of Cancer, the mixing ratio with regards Organic Fagonia cretica is Leaf 40 : Flower 60 while in Stage 4 / Terminal illness, its Leaf 10 : Flower 90 and similarly as per illness severity / type of carcinoma, the mixing ratio of Leaf : Flower and daily intake dosage also varies.

Can Fagonia be used to treat sarcoma?

Yes you can use it it is effective for all kinds of tumors fresh and dried fagonia / Dhamasa available for sale contact whatsapp +923465729576 Salam.. my father has sarcoma with two tumors in lungs and two in liver.

Is Fagonia tea good for cancer patients?

Blood Cell count in the cases of Chemo were also good in number The Fagonia Tea plays a major role in preventing the re-occurrence of Cancer once the patient has been operated for mastectomy and undergone the sessions of chemo. Plants have proved to be an important source of anti-cancer drugs.

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