What is OJT in the Philippines?

What is OJT in the Philippines?

On-the-job training (OJT) programs are course requirements providing an opportunity to apply the theories, principles and ideas learned in the academe under supervision.

Can you broadcast on FM radio?

In order to legally broadcast on FM frequency bands you have to obtain a license from the FCC. There are two types FM radio licenses: LPFM or Low Power FM (local) – These stations have a limited range and are only available to non-profit organizations.

How can I start my own radio station for free?

And go live in just a few minutes. And I’ll show you how first of all go to mr c dot FM ford slash air time pro that will take you to this screen where you can start a free trial.

How much does it cost to start an Internet radio station?

Both generally cost around $3,000 and $3,500, respectively. Overall, internet radio stations often have the lowest cost, whereas you can launch a low power FM (LPFM) radio station for under $15,000 upfront. Month-to-month, you may be able to swing by with just under $1,000 of expenses.

Does OJT have salary?

Yes, trainees do get a paycheck, however, most trainees earn less than entry-level employees during this period by earning a minimum wage. The general duration of a training position can last from about nine to 24 months. While the wage is low for trainees, it is nevertheless a temporary wage.

How long is OJT training in Philippines?

The typical duration of the OJT/internship is about 8 – 10 weeks per cycle. Due to the current pandemic, OJT/intern work will be done remotely. Must be a bonafide student of a higher education institution in the Philippines. Must be at least 18 years old at the time of application.

How do I get started in radio?

You can get a job in radio with the following steps:

  1. Volunteer your time. Many radio professionals begin their careers in a volunteer position.
  2. Attend a broadcasting school. If you want to work in broadcasting, you may decide to attend broadcasting school.
  3. Develop the necessary skills.
  4. Apply to radio positions.

Can I broadcast radio online?

Broadcast Radio Live Pro (BR Live Pro) is a web based audio connection service that allows you to make audio connections from your station to anywhere you need to for remote shows, outside broadcasts, guest contributions and more!

How do you write a radio broadcast script?

In addition to the script, you can also play with music and sound effects.

  1. Prepare An Outline. The thought of writing a 2000 word audio script may overwhelm you.
  2. Setting the Scene.
  3. Make It Sound Conversational.
  4. Keep Your Scripts Clear.
  5. Pay Attention To The Rhythm.

How do radio stations make money?

The listening audience, similar to a TV audience and social media users, are the product being sold to advertisers. This is how radio stations make money; through advertising. Extra income also comes from sponsored content and events (however, this is also a form of a advertising) as well as charging callers.

Do you need a license for online radio?

If you include recorded music in an online radio station or online service, you will need a licence.

Can online radio make money?

The most popular radio stations made approximately $20,000,000 per year in the last decade. The only way to make that much money from an internet radio station would be through ADVERTISING and SPONSORSHIPS.

How many hours OJT Philippines?

On-the-Job Training (OJT) is offered at three different levels of 8 weeks full time course of 3 credit hours for each level. The industries/concerns will not be committed with the college or Government to recruit any of the trainees unless they feel satisfied to do so.

What is the requirements for OJT?

Must be at least 18 years old at the time of application. Must be in good academic standing at their current higher education institution. Must submit a written permission/endorsement from the higher education institution at which they are currently enrolled to participate in the PNRI OJT/Internship program.

What qualifications do I need to be a radio presenter?

A high school degree is the minimum educational requirement for radio DJs, though they can improve their chances of landing a job by getting a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in broadcasting, journalism or media communications.

What qualifications do you need to be a radio host?

Career Information at a Glance

Degree Required Bachelor’s Degree
Education Field of Study Communications, journalism, broadcasting
Training Required On-the-job training
Job Growth (2020-2030) 15% (radio and television announcers)*
Median Salary (2022) $45,929 (radio show host)**

How do I broadcast on the Internet?

How to Create and Broadcast a Live Radio Station on the Internet (feat …

How do you introduce yourself on a radio show?


  1. Say your name and your show name.
  2. Introduce yourself and your studio guest.
  3. Share a story or experience.
  4. Make use of questions.
  5. Say Hello to your listeners.
  6. Tell them what’s coming up.
  7. Use an Inspirational quote.
  8. Be warm and welcoming.

How do reporters start their news?

Most anchor introductions begin by greeting the audience with “Good evening,” “Good morning,” or “Welcome.” The introduction will then briefly outline each news segment in the newscast. For example, the anchor introduction might be, “Good morning and welcome to the local news.

Can I create my own radio station?

It is illegal to start and broadcast a radio station without a license from the appropriate authorities. Expect to spend around $4,000 for application and licensing fees.

Can you make money from online radio?

Mimicking the same monetisation model as traditional terrestrial radio stations, internet radio stations make money mostly from ads as well as sponsors. These ads can be everything from on-air commercials, to Google ads placed on their site. Your marketing options and revenue increase as your listeners increase.

Do I need a licence to play radio at work?

Yes, if you are listening to the radio in the workplace or another public place, you probably need to pay for a music licence. However, different rates apply depending on how many people are listening and the size of the public space/ workplace.

Can I broadcast my own radio station?

Is there any money in radio?

Radio stations can earn an income in a range of different ways, from allowing companies to pay for advertising spots in between their shows, to accessing funding from a specific government group. Extra income even comes from things like sponsored events and charging callers when they connect to try and win a prize.

How do radio stations get paid?

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