What is the value of a 1979 Honda CBX?

What is the value of a 1979 Honda CBX?


Excellent $16,000
Very Good $10,230
Good $6,545
Fair $4,465
Poor N/A

What was the top speed of the Honda CBX 1000?

Honda CBX 1000 Specification

  • Engine: 1,047cc DOHC air cooled inline six cylinder.
  • Claimed power: 105hp @ 9,000rpm / 77kW.
  • Top speed: 140 mph / 225 km/h.
  • Fuel tank: 23 L / 6.08 US Gal.
  • Seat height: 810 mm / 32 inches.
  • Weight: 272 kg / 600 lb.

How much is a Honda CBX 1000?

Today, the average Honda CBX 1000 Super Sports costs $10,000-$15,000 on Bring a Trailer. A 1982 model still in its factory crate sold in May 2020 for $21,500.

How much is a 1981 Honda CBX worth?


Excellent $11,160
Very Good $7,040
Good $5,160
Fair $3,960
Poor N/A

How many cc’s is a 1979 Honda CBX?

Honda had nothing more to prove, but the company rounded out the decade by blind-siding the motorcycle world with an incredible new performance bike. The six-cylinder 1047 cc DOHC 24-valve CBX debuted in 1978 to universal acclaim.

How much horsepower did the Honda CBX have?

105 hp
Honda CBX

Manufacturer Honda
Top speed 134–140 mph (216–225 km/h)
Power 105 hp (78 kW)@ 9,000 rpm (claimed) 1978-1980 100–103 hp (75–77 kW) (claimed) 1981-1982 98 hp (73 kW) (rear wheel)
Torque 63 lb⋅ft (85 N⋅m)@ 8,000 rpm(claimed)
Transmission 5-speed

Where was the Honda CBX made?

Total production of cbx’s came to 38,079 built in Japan with three thousand one hundred and fifty1980 A models built in the USA at their Ohio factory. The A models are fitted with air forks rather than oil damped on the previous Z model.

Who made the first 6 cylinder motorcycle?


Honda was the first to introduce a 6-cylinder motorcycle in 1966, the RC166, but it displaced a scant 249cc and was designed for racing. Italy’s Benelli introduced the world’s first production 6-cylinder motorcycle in 1972, the Benelli Sei 750, but it took two more years for it to hit production.

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