What type of cancer did Stefanie Spielman have?

What type of cancer did Stefanie Spielman have?

Her husband, Chris, was an All-American football player and went on to have an all-pro career in the NFL for more than 10 years. During a breast self-exam in 1998, Stefanie found a lemon-sized lump. She mentioned it to her doctor, who diagnosed her with breast cancer. Stefanie was only 30 years old.

What was the Stefanie Spielman Fund?

This ongoing support from the local community has led to more than $10 million raised to support breast cancer patients and research at OSUCCC-James Hospital. Sadly, in November 2009, Stefanie lost her battle with cancer. However, she had a final message to the world, “continue to fight!”

Did Chris Spielman get married?

In 2013, Spielman married Carrie Yocom, and adopted her two daughters. The family resides in Upper Arlington, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio.

Did Chris Speelman remarry?

What happened to Stefanie Spielman of Ohio State football?

Chris Spielman — a former All-America linebacker at Ohio State, 10-year veteran of the National Football League and current sports broadcaster for WBNS radio and ESPN — expressed gratitude to the family’s supporters. “Stefanie has gone home to be with the Lord,” he said.

Who is Stefanie Spielman?

Our name honors Stefanie Spielman: a wife, mother, advocate and alumna of The Ohio State University. Her breast cancer diagnosis inspired her to become a passionate advocate to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.

Is Stefanie Spielman comprehensive Breast Center accredited?

The Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center is also accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). A coalition of professional organizations, the NAPBC works to provide the most efficient and contemporary breast care using scientific evidence about what works best for patients.

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