When was the 25-point Programme introduced?

When was the 25-point Programme introduced?

February 24, 1920
February 24, 1920 In February 1920, Hitler presents a 25-point Program (the Nazi Party Platform) to a Nazi Party meeting. In the 25-point program, Nazi Party members publicly declared their intention to segregate Jews from “Aryan” society and to abrogate Jews’ political, legal, and civil rights.

What was the name of the Nsdap’s manifesto?

The NSDAP 25 points manifesto is a 25-point plan written by Anton Drexler and edited and supported by Adolf Hitler for the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP), Nazi Party, when it was founded in 1920. The program of the new movement was summed up in a few guiding principles, twenty-five in all.

What did the DAP stand for?

Delivered at Place
DAP stands for “Delivered at Place”.

How many members did the DAP have by the end of 1920?

Hitler’s personal appeal and ability as an energetic and passionate speaker along with hatred of the Weimar Republic meant membership grew to 3000 by 1920. 4. Hitler suggests the DAP change its name to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (NSDAP or Nazis for short).

When did Nazism become a mass movement?

It was during the Great Depression that Nazism became a mass movement. As we have seen, after 1929, banks collapsed and businesses shut down, workers lost their jobs and the middle classes were threatened with destitution. In such a situation Nazi propaganda stirred hopes of a better future.

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Why was the dap created?

The dap, an acronym for “dignity and pride” whose movements translate to “I’m not above you, you’re not above me, we’re side by side, we’re together,” provided just this symbol of solidarity and served as a substitute for the Black Power salute prohibited by the military.

What was the National Socialist Program of 1920?

National Socialist Program. Adolf Hitler announced the party’s program on 24 February 1920 before approximately 2,000 people in the Munich Festival of the Hofbräuhaus. The National Socialist Program originated at a DAP congress in Vienna, then was taken to Munich, by the civil engineer and theoretician Rudolf Jung,…

What was the National Socialist Party in Germany?

National Socialist Party From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia National Socialist Party most often refers to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party (German: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, NSDAP), commonly known as the Nazi Party, which existed in Germany between 1920 and 1945 and ruled the country from 1933 to 1945.

What did Hitler propose at the National Socialist German Workers’Party?

Choose the version you wish to read using the dropdown below. The following list contains some of the provisions that Hitler proposed at the National Socialist German Workers’ Party’s first large party gathering in February 1920. We demand the unification of all Germans in a Greater Germany on the basis of the right of national self-determination.

Is Parti Socialiste nationalism related to Nazism?

Parti Socialiste National, in France, founded by Pierre Biétry in 1903, became the Fédération Nationale des Jaunes de France (or the Yellow socialists) in 1904 (antisemitic, pro-union, anti-Marxist) National-Social Association, in Germany, founded by Friedrich Naumann in 1896. It is unrelated to Nazism.

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