Who distributes KeVita kombucha?

Who distributes KeVita kombucha?

PepsiCo acquires kombucha company KeVita.

Who owns KeVita?

KeVita has unveiled a new look for its kombuchas, sparkling probiotic drinks and apple cider vinegar tonics that brand owner PepsiCo says will help it better stand out on shelf as sales slow in the kombucha category.

Does Pepsi own KeVita?

KeVita was founded by organic winemaker Bill Moses and holistic nutritionist Chakra Earthsong in 2009. The brand includes the lines Master Brew Kombucha, Sparkling Probiotic Drink and Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic. PepsiCo bought the fermented drink maker in 2016 for a reported $200 million.

Where is KeVita based?

KeVita, Inc. was founded in 2009 and is based in Ventura, California.

How much did Pepsi buy KeVita for?

Rumors of a potential deal between PepsiCo (PEP) and KeVita surfaced last month when Reuters reported the parties were close to a deal the news agency pegged at “less than $500 million.” Fortune has learned that the transaction price is actually around $200 million.

What is KeVita worth?

KeVita is likely to be valued at $500 million for its acquisition by PepsiCo. While this acquisition will not be significant in terms of value, it can give PepsiCo the much needed diversification in its beverage portfolio.

When did PepsiCo buy KeVita?

Nov. 22, 2016
PURCHASE, N.Y., Nov. 22, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — PepsiCo, Inc. (NYSE: PEP) announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire KeVita, a leading North American creator of fermented probiotic and kombucha beverages.

Who founded KeVita?

consultant Chakra Earthsong
KeVita was founded by Certified Nutritionist and wellness consultant Chakra Earthsong, who began culturing water kefir in her California kitchen in 2008 as part of her wellness quest. In 2009, KeVita Lemon Ginger Sparkling Probiotic Drink was born, which is the same ferment we use today.

Can you drink KeVita everyday?

Generally speaking, that’s a small dose of probiotics. Most probiotic supplements contain more than double that amount! (For reference, the Good Belly probiotics that I take daily contain 10 billion live cultures.) So I would say that one bottle of Kevita’s sparkling probiotic drink per day is ideal.

Does Coca Cola sell kombucha?

The company’s innovation team also partnered with Coca-Cola’s Honest brand to launch Honest Kombucha in 2019. Honest is expanding its reach beyond its core tea business, Coca-Cola said, and fermented tea seemed like a logical extension. The product is being tested in 20 stores, with results expected early in 2020.

Is it better to drink kombucha or take a probiotic?

Yogurt and kombucha are both fermented products which contain probiotic bacteria that may offer temporary benefits to the gut microbiome. The bacterial strains in yogurt and kombucha are animal strains which do not settle in the human gut while probiotic supplements use human strains for long-term benefits.

Is KeVita owned by Coca-Cola?

PepsiCo acquired KeVita in 2016. Starting out as a kombucha, the brand now boasts 24 flavours of Sparkling Probiotic Drink, Master Brew Kombucha and Apple Cider Vinegar Tonic.

Who manufactures kombucha?

After controlling the vast majority of the American kombucha market in the early 2000s, GT’s Living Foods remains the market leader but now has to share space with fellow start-ups like Health-Ade. Also based in Los Angeles, Health-Ade was founded in 2012 and now sells its products in more than 26,000 stores.

What kombucha brand does coke own?

Coca-Cola’s innovation team partnered with its Minute Maid brand to create a kombucha drink called Cidewinder. The beverage giant touted it as kombucha but with less sugar. The cultured juice brand is being tested in grocery and convenience stores in Texas and California.

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