Who is the first Free Fire YouTuber?

Who is the first Free Fire YouTuber?

A_S Gaming The first video uploaded by this YouTuber dates back to January 2019, and since then, has garnered a total of over a billion views on his channel.

Who is Ourfire?

Hi, we’re Chris and Sharla, and welcome to the official Our Fire YouTube channel! After meeting on the dating app Tinder almost 3 YEARS AGO, we decided to come together and create a Youtube channel to document our experiences and film fun challenges, gaming videos, reactions, pranks, vlogs, and so much more!

Which YouTuber is best in Free Fire?

Best Free Fire YouTubers from India

  • Desi Gamers. Amit Sharma, commonly known as Desi Gamers, has 1.6 billion views on his YouTube channel.
  • Gyan Gaming Free Fire.
  • A_S Gaming.
  • Sooneeta Free Fire.
  • Lokesh Gamer.
  • Two-Side Gamer.
  • SK Sabir Boss.
  • Total Gaming.

Who is the YouTuber in Free Fire?

The Desi Gamers YouTube channel is run by Amit Sharma, popularly known as Amitbhai in the Indian Free Fire community. Fans recognize him easily due to his humorous commentary. He has been uploading game-related content for over three years and has also posted other funny and exciting videos.

Where does Ajjubhai live in Gujarat?

Ajju Bhai’s aka Total Gaming’s real name is Ajay. Ajju Bhai belongs to a simple middle-class family who lives in Ahemdabad City in Gujrat.

Does Ajjubhai play on PC?

A: I earlier used to play only on PC, but have now shifted to mobile version due to the competitive side of the game. Q: What is Total Gaming’s FreeFire ID? A: My Free Fire ID is 451012596, and IGN is ajjubhai94.

Where does Chris Sharla live?

Based in northern Japan’s Tohoku region, Chris and Sharla have over 2 million subscribers across their YouTube channels. Hosted by Oscar Boyd. See more from Chris and Sharla: Abroad in Japan on YouTube.

How many subscribers does Ajjubhai have?

On his primary YouTube channel, “Total Gaming,” Ajjubhai boasts a subscriber count of 22.6 million, out of which 1 million subscribers were added in the last 30 days.

Who is real Ajjubhai?

Ajju Bhai Bio/Wiki

Real Bane Ajay
Free Fire ID 451012596
Free Fire Name Ajjubhai94
Famous For Gaming (Free Fire)
Monthly Income 15 to 20 Lakhs

Is Sharla a vegetarian?

A few years ago, Sharla and her family started to move over to a flexitarian diet — a diet that consists of mostly plant-based foods and reduced meat instead of avoiding it altogether.

Why did Sharmeleon move to Japan?

When the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake hit, she moved back to Japan, due to stress from being in Canada and far away from her friends. Around this time she started vlogging her daily life.

What is Ajjubhai full name?

Ajju Bhai aka Total Gaming Wiki

Ajju Bhai Free Fire Wiki
Real Name Ajay
Nick Name Ajju Bhai
Birth Date N/A
Age 23 Years (In 2021)

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