Why did Hendry stop playing snooker?

Why did Hendry stop playing snooker?

Hendry made his decision in response to a severe loss of form caused by “the yips”, a condition that had first affected his game 12 years previously. In September 2020, citing improvements in his play, Hendry announced that he would come out of retirement and accept an invitational tour card for the next two seasons.

How did Stephen Hendry change snooker?

The most notable shot that is associated with Hendry’s playstyle is the pack split, off the blue. Prior to this shot choice, players would more commonly split off the black or pick each red available before making the attempt.

Who was the first snooker player to get a 147 break?

Steve Davis
Steve Davis made the first ever official 147 at the 1982 Lada Classic.

Is Ronnie O’Sullivan friends with Stephen Hendry?

Ronnie O’Sullivan On His ”Special Bond” With Fellow Snooker Great Stephen Hendry. Ronnie O’Sullivan insists Stephen Hendry is the only player that gets him – and that the pair are snooker’s ‘special ones’.

What does Stephen Hendry think of Ronnie O Sullivan?

STEPHEN HENDRY has reacted to Ronnie O’Sullivan equalling his World Snooker Championship title record. Stephen Hendry claimed he was surprised after Ronnie O’Sullivan matched his modern-era record of World Snooker Championship titles on Monday night – because he thought it’d take him less time to do so.

How many times did Stephen Hendry beat Ronnie O Sullivan?

Ronnie O Sullivan Head To Head List

Player Wins Losses
Stephen Hendry 21 11
Peter Ebdon 12 6
Joe Swail 6 3
Mark Allen 6 3

How many finals did Stephen Hendry lose?

Tournament Record – Stephen Hendry In World Championship

Played Winner Last 32
28 140 76

How do you get a 148 break in snooker?

Breaks above 147 are possible when an opponent fouls and leaves a free ball with all 15 reds still remaining on the table. A break greater than 147 has happened only once in professional competition, when Jamie Burnett made a break of 148 at the qualifying stage of the 2004 UK Championship.

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