Will a 6 pin to 8 pin adapter work?

Will a 6 pin to 8 pin adapter work?

6 pin to 8 pin adapters are fine with decent psu and used with only one adapter in total. Again you’ll need to have a decent psu to begin with, the 8 pin connection contains two additional ground pins which somehow enables the connection to provide more power, for specifics maybe someone else could chime in.

Can you plug an 8 pin PCIe into a 6 pin?

From a connector point of view there is no issues using the 8 pin on a 6 pin (many PSU have 2 of the pins separated so it can be used as either).

What is 6 pin 8 pin PCI Express connector?

The PCI Express 6 pin to 8 pin power adapter cable lets you connect a standard 6-pin PCI Express power connection provided by the computer power supply to ATI and NVidia video cards that require an 8 pin power connection.

Is PCIe 6 and PCIe 8 2 pin the same?

Long answer: Yes you can mix them anyway you prefer to. Some video cards have 6 Pin PCI Express power connectors and others have 8 Pin PCI Express power connectors. Many power supplies come with a 6+2 PCI Express power cable which is compatible with both kinds of video cards.

Do I need both 8 pin cpu power connector?

If you have two, connect two. The extra 8 pin connector is used to power added cards in the pci slots as well as added power for overclocking. In testing, I used only one which worked fine.

Can you use 8 pin cpu GPU?

The purpose of this cable is to enable an *unused* CPU power cable to power a GPU. It adapts the pinout of a spare 8-pin CPU power cable (EPS 12V) to that which can be used to power a GPU. This works well for people using dual power supply mining rigs.

Is a 6 2 pin and a 8 pin the same?

6+2 pins is a 6 pin connector with an optional 2 pin that can be clipped into place. This means it can act as a 6 pin, or an 8 pin. It will work with both.

What happens if you plug CPU cable into GPU?

What Happens If You Use A Cpu Cable For Gpu? In other words, the polarity on one of the connectors of your graphics card will never be reversed, which will prevent any voltages from icted voltages from having the polarity reversed on one of its connectors. This basically means the card should be fine in theory.


Provides additional power to the CPU. A hybrid of the 4 PIN ATX12V and EPS 12V connectors that can be split in half or combined to accommodate either the EPS 12V Socket or the ATX 12V socket. Provides additional power to the CPU. Connects to a six pin socket on a video card to provide additional 12v power.

Can a 4 pin ATX connector work on the 8 pin ATX motherboard?

If your power supply only has a 4-pin connector, it’s still quite likely that you can use it in an 8 pin port. If compatible then it will go in on “one side” of the 8-pin connector. This will likely give enough power, but beware over-clocking.

Can CPU 8 pin be used for GPU?

In general, though, CPU and GPU pins can be interchanged at a GPU site with 8 pins and 6 pins.

Can I connect CPU 8 pin to GPU?

So in theory the card should be absolutely fine. For reference, if the card has just an 8-pin connector, then if you powered it with an EPS12V, it would have been exposed to -12V which would have almost certainly have caused it to fry – and would probably also have taken the motherboard out along with it!

What is the PCIe 6 pin to 8 pin power adapter?

【A Cost-Effective Solution】the PCIe 6 pin to 8 pin power adapter eliminates the expense of upgrading a computer power supply for the sake of compatibility with a newer video card. 【Durable and Safe】This 8 pin gpu power cable is 18AWG pure copper conductor for safe and superior performance. RoHS certified.

How to connect a 4-pin to an 8-pin connector?

You buy one of these. plug one of your existing 4 into the 4 pin socket, the other 4 pin you plug into this adapter that goes to and 8 pin and the other power to the 8 pin is supplied by a standard molex like power connecter you have from your power supply. So for the cost it works fine if your motherboard has an 8+4 pin power requirement.

How many watts can a 6 pin connector handle?

Do know that a 6 pin connector only works for 75 Watts, and an 8 pin works for 150 Watts. Since you’re still only be having 3 ground wires, you should make sure you’re not going too far over the 75 maximum rated watts.

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