Can you mix guppies and Swordtails?

Can you mix guppies and Swordtails?

Adaptable to a variety of water conditions, Swordtails are live bearing fish that breed quite efficiently and get along well with other live bearing fish like guppies or platies.

What fish can crossbreed with Swordtails?

Can Platys Breed With Swordtails?

  • Yes, since Swordtails and Platy fish come from the same family of Xephophorus, they can breed and produce viable offspring.
  • Platies and swordtails are both live bearers, both freshwater fish, and both from the same family: the genus Xiphophorus.

What fish can live with Endlers?

Compatible tank mates: Endlers make a great addition to a community tank with other small peaceful fish, including, but not limited to, Cory Catfish, small peaceful Tetras (like Neon Tetras), White Clouds, Honey Gourami, Glass Fish, Ghost & Cherry Shrimp, Dwarf Corydoras, small Rainbowfish, Otocinclus Catfish, Zebra …

What can interbreed with guppies?

What Fish Can Breed with Guppies? Just like with platies, guppies can be crossbreed within their family: Poeciliidae. There are many fish species, which are part of the Poeciliidae family, the most common, which are also available in most fish shops are endler guppies and mollies.

Can a swordtail fish mate with a Molly?

1- Molly And Swordtail Can’t Interbreed The first reason why it is impossible for them to interbreed is that they belong to different families. Even though they are both livebearer fish mollies are part of the Poecilia family and swordtails originate from the Xiphophorus family.

Can a guppy impregnate a Molly?

Guppies and Mollies can easily create hybrids if they are kept in the right conditions. There are two names for two types of hybrids. A hybrid fry from a male Guppy and a female Molly is called Golly, whereas a fry from a male Molly and a female Guppy is called Muppy.

Are swordtails guppies?

The swordtail belongs to the group of livebearer fishes – scientifically classified as Poecillidae – to which the mosquito fish, the guppies, the mollies and the platies belong.

Can Endlers be in pairs?

Endler guppies are not schooling fish and as such do not need to be kept in groups. An Endeler will be perfectly happy living alone or in an aquarium with other ‘community’ fish. Ideally, Endlers should NOT be kept in a pair as the male will constantly harass the female. A trio or more of Endlers is better than a pair.

What livebearers can crossbreed?

The “big four” of livebearers in the hobby(guppy, Molly, platy, swordtail) belong to either the genus poecilia or the genus xiphophorus. Those within a genus should be able to crossbreed.

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