Can you own a private Zoo in Australia?

Can you own a private Zoo in Australia?

It is one of almost 100 private zoos and wildlife parks in Australia, and only a handful of public zoos. Theoretically, anyone can own and run a zoo. In Victoria, prospective zoo owners must obtain a licence, which stipulates the types of animal species and their number that they can keep and display.

Can you start a zoo in Australia?

Starting from scratch in Victoria, it is easy, all you need is planning permission and a licence from DSE.

How can I open a zoo in Australia?

To be eligible you must:

  1. complete and lodge an application form, accompanied by the application fee and all associated documents.
  2. comply with the relevant standards for the exhibition of animals, including provisions contained in animal welfare legislation.
  3. obtain appropriate public risk insurance.

What qualifications do I need to own a zoo?

To run a zoo in England, Scotland and Wales, you need a licence from the local authority, who regulate them under the Zoo Licensing Act 1981. Find out more details about the role of the local authority here (pdf, 51KB).

Do the Irwins live on Zoo property?

In a heartwarming Insta post, Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell have introduced little Grace Warrior to the Christmas tree – but it’s their house that’s left viewers agog. The family lives at a compound at Australia Zoo, and is preparing to celebrate their first Christmas as a three-piece.

What is the best farm weather station in Australia?

The Davis Vantage Vue is a fantastic Australian farm weather station if you want an entry-level model. It’s strength is simply and accurately transmitting from the station to a console, as well as from a station to your computer or mobile phone via the Weatherlink Live.

What are the different types of weather stations available in Australia?

There’s a huge range of weather stations designed for farm applications in Australia. Ranging from relatively simple station-to-console units, all the way up to high-tech weather stations with the capability to communicate with multiple wireless sensors.

What weather stations can I use in remote areas?

For increased capabilities for remote areas and for a wider range of add-ins have a look at the 3G remote access weather station kit (see below). Designed for use in remote locations, this Australian farm station will measure, record and wirelessly transmit data to your Davis server.

Why choose our agricultural weather stations?

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