Can you use angelcare ac401 without sensor pad?

Can you use angelcare ac401 without sensor pad?

So, yes you can use it as a sound monitor only – go to menu and click until the face/speech icon flashes then press the down arrow, you can select movement and sound or just sound. I’m going to screenshot this page for next time I’m tearing my hair out trying to work the damn thing!

How do I turn off the Sensor Pad on my angelcare ac401?

Deactivating Movement:

  1. Plug the Sensor Pad into the back of the Nursery Unit – this must be done in order to deactivate movement.
  2. Switch both the Nursery Unit and the Parent Unit ON.
  3. Press the MENU button on the front of the Parent Unit once and release.

How do I get my angelcare monitor to stop beeping?

My monitor keeps beeping/going off when I set it up. To stop the alarm from sounding, turn off the Nursery Unit (using the Power ON/OFF in the back of the left wing), and connect the Sensor Pad (if not already connected).

How do I turn off the Sensor Pad on my Angelcare ac401?

How do I get my Angelcare monitor to stop beeping?

Why does the sound on my angelcare monitor keep going off?

Continuous Sound (VOX OFF) It may be that the setting has accidentally been changed to Sound Activated. To activate or deactivate either function or check that chosen function is working see the following: Press the MENU/SELECT icon to access the MAIN MENU on screen. To check and/or change your sound setting.

Why is there no sound on my angelcare monitor?

No Sound from Monitor Deactivate the “Mute” feature on the Parent’s Unit by pressing the Power button on the unit. Plug the AC adapters into another electrical wall outlet, in case the current outlet no longer works properly, and verify that you have the AC adapters firmly plugged into the outlet.

How do I use angelcare ac401 without Sensor Pad?

Simple – just unplug the mat! Turn the baby and parent units on. Press menu, then use the down arrow until only the face icon is flashing (sound only). Press select then the power button.

Can you use angelcare AC401 without Sensor Pad?

Why does my angelcare monitor keep alarming?

Firstly, we want to reassure you that if you are hearing the Alarm from your monitor it indicates that your monitor is working as it should – the Nursery Unit is not receiving any signals from the Sensor Pad to indicate movement is detected so the monitor is alarming.

How does Angelcare AC401 work?

The AC401 comes with a temperature sensor that is fairly accurate with only a 2-degree variation from real room temperatures in our testing. It has battery backup in the child unit which is rare and it features adjustable mic sensitivity and sound activation, a feature we think is a must have for a good night’s sleep.

Why does my baby monitor keep cutting out?

This is perfectly normal. It may occur either when the camera re-connects to the parent unit after a loss of signal, or the camera power is turned off then on. This is the camera simply re-calibrating it’s connection and streaming to the parent unit.

Can you use Angelcare ac401 without sensor pad?

Why does my angelcare monitor keep losing signal?

We recommend that the batteries are replaced approx. every 6 months. The cells depreciate over time as they are constantly charged and can give a false reading, as they may not be operating on a full cell strength as when you received them. If the battery power is not very strong it can cause connection to fail.

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