Does a GE over the range microwave need to be vented?

Does a GE over the range microwave need to be vented?

There is no requirement that your Over The Range (OTR) Microwave be vented to the outdoors. All OTR microwave ovens can be set up to either allow the fan to recirculate the air back into the kitchen or be vented to the outdoors.

Why does my GE microwave say vent?

All over-the-range microwaves have an automatic fan feature to help protect the electronic components as well as help the cooking area get rid of excess heat. The built-in thermostat automatically turns the vent fan on if the unit is too hot and will not turn off until the microwave is cool again.

Do Over-the-range microwaves have exhaust fans?

Unlike countertop models, OTR microwaves are not portable, and they boast a higher price tag: However, they also have built in exhaust fans, which serve as a stove-top ventilation system to eliminate smoke, steam, and cooking odors.

How do you keep cold air from coming in the microwave vent?

Many microwave ovens are not vented to the outside. If you are willing to give up the outside venting feature, you can have a service person from the appliance dealer turn the fan around to vent inside. Remove the wall jack and insulate and seal the wall opening.

How does an over the range microwave vent work?

Over-the-range microwaves have a light and fan built into the bottom of the appliance. After the smoke and steam are removed, the filtered fan vents the air outside your home or cleans it before releasing it back into the kitchen.

Do over the stove microwaves have exhaust fans?

Should I get a range hood or over-the-range microwave vent?

When deciding between over-the-range microwave venting and a dedicated range hood, your kitchen’s layout and your needs will dictate the choice. While an over-the-range microwave (OTR), saves space in your kitchen, it could, however, result in lower air quality.

Why choose Gege microwave ovens?

GE microwaves make everyday cooking and cleanup simple, and our over-the-range microwaves are no exception. Choose various cooking technologies, features, and sleek, modern appearances for your next microwave. Get outstanding, oven-quality results two to eight times faster than a conventional oven with Advantium Speedcook technology.

How many CFM does a GE microwave have?

Our four-speed, 400-CFM venting system maintains a pleasant cooking environment with a quiet but powerful fan that removes smoke, steam and odors from kitchen air. Conveniently steam dishes like vegetables and rice in your microwave with one press of the Steam Cook button.

What is a microwave range hood extender?

Our microwave range hood extender has proven to capture 90% of the cooking fumes and odors produced while cooking on the front burners of a cook-top or stove. It prevents smoke, fumes, and grease from mixing with the air in your home and accumulating on your furniture and cabinets.

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