How can I see my 3GPP specs?

How can I see my 3GPP specs?

The 3GPP specs are published as ETSI deliverables, and these are available in PDF form But you can download a free Word viewer (i.e. read only) from the Microsoft web site.

What is the full form of 3GPP?

3GPP, or the 3rd Generation Partnership Project, was initially formed in December 1998 when the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) partnered with other standard development organizations (SDOs) from around the world to develop new technologies (or more specifically, technology specifications) for …

What are 3GPP releases?

3GPP uses a system of parallel “Releases” which provide developers with a stable platform for the implementation of features at a given point and then allow for the addition of new functionality in subsequent Releases.

What is 3GPP in computer language?

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is a collaborative project between a group of telecommunications associations with the initial goal of developing globally applicable specifications for third-generation (3G) mobile systems.

What are 3GPP AT commands used for?

AT commands are software interface for wireless modules. AT commands are defined as part of 3GPP standard under 3GPP TS 27.007. That implies that all the wireless modules that operate on cellular networks are required to support AT commands.

What are releases in 3GPP?

Detailed Overview of LTE 3GPP releases

  • Release 8 – LTE Introduced.
  • Release 9 – Enhancement to LTE.
  • Release 10 – LTE Advanced.
  • Release 11 – Enhancement to LTE Advanced.
  • Release 12 – Further enhancement to LTE Advanced.
  • Release 13 – Meeting the growing throughput demand.
  • Release 14 – The start of 5G standardization.

What are 3GPP commands?

What is 3GPP used for?

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) is an umbrella term for a number of standards organizations which develop protocols for mobile telecommunications. Its best known work is the development and maintenance of: GSM and related 2G and 2.5G standards, including GPRS and EDGE.

What are AT commands in GSM?

AT commands with a GSM/GPRS MODEM or mobile phone can be used to access following information and services: 1. Information and configuration pertaining to mobile device or MODEM and SIM card….AT Commands, GSM AT command set.

Command Description
AT+CMGL List Messages
AT+CMGR Read message
AT+CMGS Send message
AT+CMGW Write message to memory

How do I read MSISDN file?

Unlock the android device. Go to settings . Scroll down to the about phone. In about phone you can see the phone number or MSISDN.

What is a 3GPP file EXT?

Audio and video format developed by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP); designed for transmitting multimedia files over the Internet; also a common format for saving cell phone videos. 3GPP files more commonly use the .3GP extension. Open over 300 file formats with File Viewer Plus.

Where are the 3GPP specifications stored?

The 3GPP Specifications are stored on the file server as zipped MS-Word files. The filenames have the following structure: SM[-P[-Q]] where the character fields have the following significance S = series number – 2 characters (see the table above)

What are 3GPP internal working documents?

Those not intended for publication but which are simply 3GPP internal working documents, used, for example, for documenting planning and scheduling of work, or for holding the interim results of feasibility studies.

What is progressive 3GPP radio access technology?

Each progressive 3GPP radio access technology aims to reduce complexity and avoid fragmentation of technologies on offer. GSM networks used circuit-switch telephony initially, with packet-switching added with GPRS.

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