How did the weasels die in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

How did the weasels die in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

In the case of the weasels, it is shown that prolonged laughter is also lethal to them; while Eddie Valiant jokes around in front of them during the climax of the film, all except their leader Smartass die from laughing at him; Smartass meets his demise after Valiant crotch-kicks him into a vat of The Dip.

Why did Judge Doom kill Eddie’s brother?

Santino confides to Eddie that Doom bought the judicial election by spreading a bunch of cash around Toontown, neither aware then that Doom got the money after robbing the First National Bank of Toontown, murdering Teddy Valiant when he and Eddie tried to pursue and arrest him.

Why did the weasels die laughing?

The weasels were not actually killed by Eddie when he was getting them to laugh to death. They were just doing shtick, caught in the moment. Like Roger pointed out earlier in the film, when you do something like sing “Shave and a Haircut…” a toon cannot help themselves but finish the shtick.

How many weasels are in Roger Rabbit?

Initially, there were to be seven weasels (Greasy, Sleazy, Wheezy, Smartass, Psycho, Stupid, and Slimy) to parody the seven dwarfs.

Can Toons die?

Toons never die. They can only be destroyed when dropped into a solution (part turpentine, part benzine) known as ”the dip. ”

Who played the weasels in Roger Rabbit?

Roger Rabbit, Charles Fleischer Then: An established character actor, Fleischer not only lent his voice to Roger Rabbit, but also to Benny the Cab and two of the villainous weasels from Judge Doom’s Toon Patrol.

Is Roger Rabbit inappropriate?

Great movie, but not for kids While this is a great movie from Disney with good humor, a good setting, and plenty of cameos, it is not for kids. There is alcohol, mild language, and sexual references. Wait until your kids are older.

Is the dip paint thinner?

The Dip is a minor antagonist yellow and green chemical created by Judge Doom. It is a mixture of turpentine, acetone, and benzene. These are essentially the three main ingredients in paint Thinner, which Doom uses to remove a toon’s paint, thereby removing their existence.

How does Judge Doom die?

Just as Maroon is about to spill everything, he is killed by an unseen gunman who nearly shoots Eddie as well. Upon chasing the killer to Toontown, Eddie catches Jessica, thinking she’s the murderer, but Jessica reveals that Doom was the one who killed Acme and Maroon.

What does Judge Doom look like?

Appearance. Judge Doom dresses ominously like most villains would; his attire consisted of a black coat, shady glasses, a white shirt, a black bow tie and a black hat that he pulls over his head a bit. He also walks with a cane, implying that he is older or wants to look sophisticated.

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