How do you find a book you lost on Wattpad?

How do you find a book you lost on Wattpad?

Try searching for the story with related tags. Remember that tags should have a # in front of them when searched. If you are still unable to find the story, try contacting the author to see if the story has been removed. You can also try searching for the story through a search engine such as Google.

Does Wattpad have original books?

At A Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Published Books That Started Out on Wattpad: Silence by Natasha Preston – Our Top Pick. Trapeze by Leigh Ansell. Vicious Depths by Madeline Stanford.

What is the most read Wattpad story 2021?

Famous Stories *As of June 2021*

  • Chasing in the Wild (University Series #3) by @4reuminct – 85.4M.
  • Montello High: School of Gangsters by @sielalstreim – 84.7M.
  • The Boy Next Door by @ScribblerMia – 83.4M.
  • Avenues of the Diamond (University Series #4) by @4reuminct – 81.4M.
  • LOVE WITHOUT LIMITS by @maxinejiji – 80.2M.

Where can I find original stories?

12 Sites for Sharing Original Fiction

  • 1) FictionPress. FictionPress is a home away from home for fan-fiction writers who want to write original fiction.
  • 2) Wattpad. Wattpad is one of the largest, best known sites for sharing original fiction.
  • 3) Writersky.
  • 4) Penana.
  • 5) Bhooks.
  • 6) Booksie.
  • 7)
  • 8) Underlined.

How do I know if my story is original?

What they misunderstand is that originality isn’t solely tied to ideas. In reality, most of the originality in a book comes from an Author’s unique voice and perspective. In other words, the way you speak to your audience, and your personal point of view on the topic are what matter most.

Can any story be original?

Although the idea that there are no original stories sounds upsetting, especially for writers, the truth is that every story follows the rule (most likely) of “same, but different.” That’s a good thing! If stories were completely original, it would be hard to know if there was a readership interested in them.

Does Wattpad have movies?

Wattpad Studios partners with the entertainment industry to co-produce Wattpad stories for TV, film, digital video, and print.

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