How is PROFIBUS communication set up?

How is PROFIBUS communication set up?

PROFIBUS Configuration

  1. In RMCTools, go online with the RMC.
  2. In the Project Pane, expand the Modules folder and double-click the PROFIBUS module.
  3. On the PROFIBUS page, enter the desired station address. Use any station address between 1 and 125.
  4. Click OK. The change will automatically be downloaded to the RMC.

What is Pn DP in siemens plc?

It implies that the CPU you are working with has both Ethernet and Profibus interfaces (with dedicated protocols).

Is PROFIBUS for Siemens?

The PROFIBUS portfolio from Siemens offers you an extensive range of network components for electrical and optical transmission technology.


MPI is a subset of profibus and allows only up to 31 slaves with a fixed communication speed of 187,5 baut. Profibus DP is a protocol for profibus with remote IO and allows up to 126 slaves up to speed of 12Mbp/s.

How does a PROFIBUS work?

PROFIBUS communicates via a serial protocol behind which complex machinery is housed to transport the data reliably through an industrial environment. The protocol defines the message design, the access to the network and fault control. There are ASICs (chips) available that coordinate the entire protocol.


PROFIBUS DP stands for Decentralized Periphery. The name refers to the I/O connections, which use completely decentralized high-speed serial communication to connect to a central controller.

What is Profibus DP?

Why Profibus is used?

PROFIBUS PA (Process Automation) is used to monitor measuring equipment via a process control system in process automation applications. This variant is designed for use in explosion/hazardous areas (Ex-zone 0 and 1).

What voltage is PROFIBUS?

3.1 Equipment combinations The reference design of PROFIBUS is based on 5V. In special cases, 3.3V is used when it is installed in a dangerous place. Except in special cases, the PROFIBUS termination resistors are designed with a 5V reference. The advantage of PROFIBUS is that it can be connected to various facilities.

What is DP in PROFIBUS?

What is DP port in PLC?

Decentralized Peripheral

DP (Decentralized Peripheral)
DP port provides an even higher data transfer rate than an MPI port. You can connect another automation facility like VFD, Interface module, etc. Using the DP network one can transmit data remotely.

How PROFIBUS is connected with PLC?

Profibus-DP allows you to move the PLC inputs and outputs to the factory floor and connect them to the sensors. You can connect the I/Os to the PLC using a single RS-485 cable. Then use shorter cables to connect the I/Os to the sensors…and then use a single cable to connect the same I/Os to the PLC on the other end.

Is PROFIBUS digital or analog?

Profibus is a digital communication protocol used in industrial automation. All communication can be done over a two wire system.

How do I check my PROFIBUS connection?

Probably the best way to physically check a Profibus cable is to use the Siemens BT200 tester , which will test for Cable A/B breaks , cable A/B being swopped , cable shield breaks and incorrect terminations etc.

How many wires is PROFIBUS?

The Profibus Cable: How To Make Your Own
The connections are fairly simple since the cable only has two wires and a shield. But you should be careful. Even though it may look simple, connecting the wires correct is not only important.

How does PROFIBUS communicate?

How do you test PROFIBUS communication?

Which cable is used in PROFIBUS?

The Cable. For Profibus networks a shielded AWG 22 or 0.34 mm² twisted pair cable is used. The standard isolation color of a Profibus DP cable is purple, and the two wires in the twisted pair are usually green and red. But the colors of the cable are not important.

How many wires are in PROFIBUS cable?

The connections are fairly simple since the cable only has two wires and a shield.

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