Is Mizuki Himeji a Yandere?

Is Mizuki Himeji a Yandere?

While neat and mature, Mizuki Himeji easily becomes jealous whenever other females (or Hideyoshi Kinoshita) are within close proximity of Akihisa, which reveals her hidden yandere personality. That explains she is weird and creepy and always obsessed of wanted people to eat her food.

Is yuuji Sakamoto smart?

It is implied that he is actually smarter than the rest of his fellow peers as he is the one who plans all the tactics and strategies in every battle (it was also mentioned in the light novels that his learning ability was vastly higher than Shouko when they were in elementary school).

Is there a season 3 of Baka and Test?

Ten years are pretty long for a series to get another season. The chance is not zero, but it is almost impossible. So unless there is a miracle and Silver Link retakes the project in the future, we probably won’t see the third season.

Will Baka and Test get a season 3?

Is Baka and Test getting a 3rd season?

Is kouta Shinohara a girl?

Appearance. Kōta is a pale boy and his hair always covers his eyes.

Who is Mizuki Himeji?

She is a second-year school student at Fumizuki Academy who is in the same class as Akihisa Yoshii and friends ( Class 2-F ). Out of all of the other female characters, Mizuki Himeji is a shorter high school girl. Shes height only 150 cm, but shes weight is very large, which is 60 kilograms (132lbs).

How does Mizuki Himeji compare to Akira Yoshii?

Mizuki Himeji somewhat greatly resembles Akira Yoshii, as both are overly obsessive about Akira Yoshii, both are extremely talented in academics, and both are utterly terrible at kitchenwork (though Akira’s cooking has never “killed” anyone before). Mizuki Himeji is very smart and excels in school subjects.

Why is Mizuki Himeji angry with Sonya Kamada?

Also, when Sonya Kamada exchanged her first kiss with Akihisa’s first kiss in season 2, Mizuki Himeji was shown to be extremely angry as she wanted to exchange her first kiss with Akihisa. Saying that even if she would be forgiven for the kiss, she would not, deeming the action “criminal”.

Is Mizuki in love with Akihisa?

Mizuki is a gentle and well-behaved bishoujo who was Akihisa Yoshii’s first love since when they were in elementary school. According to her love letter revealed in the light novels she has had similar feelings for Aki since elementary but did not realize it was love until the summoning exams.

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