Is there a bearing puller?

Is there a bearing puller?

Bearing Splitter Tool Kit For gears, pulleys, bearings, axle shafts, and pinion replacement on your car or truck. The OMT kit comes with everything you need for fast & effective removal and installation of small and large wheel bearings on front and rear wheel hubs, gears, pulleys, etc.

How do bearing pullers work?

Bearing puller types External bearing pullers are used when the bearing is mounted onto a shaft. They have jaws which grip the outer diameter of the bearing, along with a forcing screw which pushes against the end of the shaft. As the forcing screw is tightened, the jaws force the bearing along the shaft.

How do you heat a bearing for removal?

You can wrap the coils of the induction heater around the bearing. This allows you to heat the bearing very quickly and with great precision, without heating the shaft. This allows you to lift the shrink connection quickly and easily. The desired disassembly temperature is about 120 degrees C.

How do I choose a puller?

One rule of thumb in choosing a puller is the center bolt diameter must be at least ½ the diameter of the shaft from which the object is being removed. It is impossible to predict the exact force needed for every pulling situation. The amount of press fit and force of removal can vary greatly between jobs.

Will heating a bearing ruin it?

A good general rule of thumb is to heat bearings to a temperature 150 F greater than shaft temperature. This is sufficiently warm to allow the bearing to slide over the shaft while not hot enough to damage any components. In any case, do not heat open bearings above 250 F.

How do you heat a bearing without a bearing heater?

An oven may be used, or a more convenient solution is an induction heating system. In addition, the temperature must be high enough (maximum of 130°C for a bearing) to generate sufficient expansion and temporarily loosen the fit, so that the sprocket or bearing can easily be mounted.

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