Is Waimea Valley a rainforest?

Is Waimea Valley a rainforest?

The steep, junglelike terrain of the Waimea Valley, about an hour by car from Honolulu, is home to more than 5,500 species of plants and 1,875 acres of tropical rain forest stretching from the mountains to the sea.

How long does Waimea Falls hike take?

Generally considered an easy route, it takes an average of 49 min to complete. This is a very popular area for hiking, so you’ll likely encounter other people while exploring. The trail is open year-round and is beautiful to visit anytime. You’ll need to leave pups at home — dogs aren’t allowed on this trail.

What is the waterfall in Waimea Canyon?

Waipoo Falls
Waipoo Falls is a glorious 800-foot waterfall in Waimea Canyon. You can see the falls from various lookout points along Highway 550, the road that takes you up to the museum and park.

Can you swim at Waimea Falls?

Swimming at the waterfall is allowed but the status of swimming changes throughout the day depending on the weather. There are three waterfall conditions: regular swim, limited swimming, and no swimming. Be sure to check on the waterfall swimming status before your visit by calling (808) 638-7766.

Is there rainforest on Oahu?

The tropical rainforest of Nuu Anu Valley is a beautiful rainforest on Oahu Island. The hills here are undulating, verdant, the air is fresh, and the rising mist is like a fairyland in Langyuan.

Which Hawaiian island has the most rainforest?

Hawaii’s tropical rainforests include one of the world’s wettest places – an average of 460 inches of rainfall per year falls on the slopes of Mount Wai’ale’ale. On the island of Hawaii (generally known as the big island to avoid any confusion with the name of the state), you will find the region of Hilo.

How much time do I need at Waimea Falls?

How long should I plan to visit Waimea Valley? I would plan on spending at least 2-4 hours in Waimea Valley. Your stay could be longer depending on much time you spend playing Hawaiian games and swimming in the waterfalls.

How do I get to Waimea waterfall?

Getting to Waimea Falls by Car or bypass Haleiwa Town, and continue on Hwy 99 and merge onto Hwy 83, which will lead you to the coastline. Look for a sign that reads “Waimea Valley”, which is about 200 yards down the road, and park in the parking lot.

Which Hawaiian island has a rain forest?

When people dream of Hawaii, images of Maui’s legendary scenery comes to mind. The second-largest island, Maui is full of lush rainforests and valleys, majestic volcanic craters, towering seaside cliffs, and postcard-perfect beaches.

Where are the rainforests in Oahu?

The Honolulu Watershed Forest Reserve is located on the south eastern end of the island. While the Mokuleia Forest Reserve curves along the western side of Oahu. Numerous companies offer tours through rainforests with innumerable waterfalls, dense woods and sparkling views. One such place is the Valley of the Rainbows.

Do you need water shoes at Waimea Falls?

A must-do while in Oahu – but wear water shoes Waimea Falls is none of these.

Can you drive up to Waimea Falls?

You can drive to this site a quarter mile up a small road off the main highway, or take a small hike up a trail that starts just beyond the entrance to the beach parking lot.

Can you cliff jump Waimea Falls?

Located in the heart of Oahu’s North Shore, Waimea Falls is another popular hike that people visit. Waimea Falls is also known for its cliff jumping area.

What should I wear to Waimea Falls?

Waimea Valley requires life vests if you want to go swimming at Waimea Falls: All guests who would like to experience a swim at the falls are required to wear a life vest. Life vests are provided by our lifeguards at the waterfall and the price of the life vest is included in your admission fee.

Where is the best rainforest in Hawaii?

Hawaiian Rainforests

  • Forest on the Big Island.
  • Watershed area on Oahu.
  • Iao Valley State Park on Maui.
  • Kalalau Valley in Kauai.
  • Waipio Valley on the Big Island of Hawaii.
  • Halawa Valley on Molokai,

Does Oahu have bull sharks?

Aloha, More people die being attacked by dogs every year then sharks in the last 100 years. No bull sharks in Hawaii.

Where is Waimea Falls on Oahu?

Waimea Falls, also known as Waihi Falls, is one of the more accessible falls on Oahu. It is located within Waimea Valley, which is a unique Hawaiian botanical garden within a significant cultural and archaeological site. There is a small fee to enter the park.

Is the Waimea Falls hike worth it?

The 3.5-mile hike, which is mostly along flat, paved ground, is well worth doing as the path meanders through the magnificent gardens and historical sites. A visit to Waimea Falls is very much a cultural experience if you take the time to relax and enjoy the surrounds.

What are the best waterfalls on Oahu?

Laie Falls is one of the least trafficked waterfalls on Oahu. This is because it is a lengthy 6-mile trek out and back to reach the falls, which are beautiful but not huge in scale. This is an adventure for those seeking an off the beaten path adventure rather than a huge, spectacular waterfall.

Can you swim in Waimea Falls?

The waterfall is open to visitors to swim and cool off during opening hours of the Waimea Valley site, which are 9am – 5pm, 7 days a week, unless the pool is closed due to unsafe conditions. The park is closed Christmas and New Year’s Day.

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