Was Kogi ever the capital of Nigeria?

Was Kogi ever the capital of Nigeria?

Lokoja, the current capital of Kogi state, was where the first Governor-general of Nigeria, Lord Frederick Lugard, ruled from, after the Southern protectorates and Northern protectorates were amalgamated to form one Nigeria. It was also where Lady Flora Shaw came up with the name Nigeria.

Which religion has the highest population in Kogi State?

Ethnically, Yoruba, Nupe and Bassa form the main ethnic groups. The main religions in the state are Christianity and Islam but a fair amount of traditional religion is being practiced. The majority of the people are farmers. The State is abundantly blessed with fertile lands and good climatic conditions.

Who is richest man in Kogi State?

Richest Men In Kogi State 2022

  • Isah Eliaku.
  • Mahammed Bello.
  • Ibrahim Isah.
  • Abdullahi Boss.
  • Audu.
  • Abdulmumini Hassan.
  • Folashade Yemi-Esan.
  • Yakubu Oseni.

Is Lokoja Yoruba land?

Lokoja is the capital of Kogi State and a town belonging to the Yoruba tribe in Nigeria. Saying Lokoja is not a Yoruba town is like saying Lagos State does not belong to the Yorubas, many Nigerians today including the Hausas and Igbos lay claim to the ownership of Lagos because the Yoruba people are very accommodating.

Where did Ebira originated from?

Ebira history is tied to that of their neighbors, the Jukun and the Igala. Oral history claims that they originally came from the east and entered Nigeria between the Mandarra highlands and Lake Chad sometime during the last millen- nium. It is believed that Igala broke away from Jukun, and Ebira broke away from Igala.

Who is the founder of Igala?

The Igala kingdom was founded by Abutu-Eje in the 16th century. The kingdom was ruled by nine high officials called the Igala Mela who are custodians of the sacred Earth shrine.

What is the full meaning of Igala?

Definition of Igala 1a : a people on the Niger at its confluence with the Benue in Nigeria. b : a member of the Igala people. 2 : a Niger-Congo language of the Igala that is related to Yoruba.

Is Lokoja belong to Igala?

Igala people are majorly found in Kogi state. They can be found in Idah, Igalamela/Odolu, Ajaka, Ofu, Olamaboro, Dekina, Bassa, Ankpa, Omala, Lokoja, Ibaji, and Ajaokuta Local government all in Kogi state.

Who is the father of Igala?

As father of the Igalas, what are some of the social and sacred duties you perform? The Attah, in the first place, is a ‘Priest King’. He is first and foremost, a priest and also a king.

Where is Ogori Magongo located?

Ogori-Magongo is a Local Government Area in Kogi State, Nigeria. Its headquarters is in Akpafa. It was created from the old Okene Local Government Area for the Ogori and Magongo people. They occupy the land from Obehira Ebaba to Lampese up to Ososo in Edo state.

What is the history of Ogori?

Ogori is said to have a history that span up to about 700 hundred years. The origin of the people of Ogori is thus tied to the waves of migration of the Yoruba. The people traced their origin to Ile-Ife, the Yoruba ancestral home.

What is the religion of the Ogori-Magongo?

The Ogori-Magongo people value their traditional culture, and while they historically believed in other gods, they have now mostly adopted Christianity and Islam, as the major religion and Islam, though the Muslims are less than the Christians.

Who is the paramount ruler of Magongo?

The paramount ruler is Olumagongo of Magongo. important High and Lesser Chiefs are known as Ekekaro and Otaru in Magongo respectively. The music dance include eregba, okeni, igo,ishoko and more importantly iyaresen while the festivals include igilofifi,ikpen,eya ojija.

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