What are the main features of restructured basic education curriculum?

What are the main features of restructured basic education curriculum?

The fifth learning are in the restructured curriculum will be a “ laboratory of life” or a practice environment. Among the learning areas, it will be the most experiential, interactive, interdisciplinary and value-laden (cultural, aesthetic, athletic, vocational, politico-economic and moral values).

What is the main objective of curriculum?

Overall, the main objective of the curriculum is to develop the overall personality of a child by including the subject matter that is for the overall development of students i.e., cognitive, affective, and psychomotor.

What is alteration curriculum?

Alteration refers to the changes with the pre-designed curriculum goals during the curriculum implementation, which are different from the original expectation in terms of curriculum characteristics and state.

What is reconstructionism curriculum?

Reconstructionism/Critical Theory Social reconstructionism is a philosophy that emphasizes the addressing of social questions and a quest to create a better society and worldwide democracy. Reconstructionist educators focus on a curriculum that highlights social reform as the aim of education.

What is the desired outcome of revised values education program revised basic education curriculum?

The RBEC would respond to the needs of Filipino learners with the following objectives: 1. Provide knowledge and develop skills, attitudes, and values essential to personal development and necessary for living in and contributing to a developing and changing society; 2.

What is the present curriculum being implemented in basic education in the Philippines?

The K-12 program offers a decongested 12-year program that gives students sufficient time to master skills and absorb basic competencies. Students of the new system will graduate at the age of 18 and will be ready for employment, entrepreneurship, middle level skills development, and higher education upon graduation.

What are the types of objectives in curriculum?

Teachers can use three domains of learning when planning curricula, defining goals, and writing objectives. Written objectives can be classified into the cognitive, affective, and physical or psy-chomotor domains. Traditionally, curricula have been written to reflect an emphasis on the cognitive domain.

What are AIMS goals and objectives in curriculum development?

In curriculum planning, aims, goals and objectives are tools used in curriculum development because they provide a hierarchical system for all grade levels/subjects with aims, then goals for specific subjects/grade levels or units, and finally objectives for individual lessons.

Why do we need to modify curriculum?

Changes in curriculum are geared towards improvement, particularly in relation to the quality of the teaching and the learning process. Curriculum has implications for teacher competence and capacity to manage change because most curriculum change involves innovations.

Why is there a need for curriculum modification?

Curriculum modification involves change to a range of educational components in a curriculum, such as content knowledge, the method of instruction, and student ‘s learning outcomes, through the modification of materials for diverse student needs.

What is the aim of education in reconstructionism?

Social-reconstructionist education was based on the theory that society can be reconstructed through the complete control of education. The objective was to change society to conform to the basic ideals of the political party or government in power or to create a utopian society through education.

What are the objectives of values education?

Various purpose of Value Education: To develop good moral values in the children. To develop thinking in a better aspect and a democratic way of living. To develop good citizenship and standard of living and behavior of children. To develop tolerance and make a kind person to the children.

What is the goal and objectives of DepEd?

The DepEd Mission To protect and promote the right of every Filipino to quality, equitable, culture-based, and complete basic education where: Students learn in a child-friendly, gender-sensitive, safe, and motivating environment. Teachers facilitate learning and constantly nurture every learner.

What are the importance of implementing new curriculum?

– It helps to cope with new technology changes. – It makes the teacher to be systematic in delivery. – It helps to make the curriculum relevant to the needs of the learner and the society as a whole. – There is need to ensure effective use of curriculum resources so as to enhance maximum productivity in school.

How do you write curriculum objectives?

Tips For Writing Effective Learning Objectives

  1. Learning objectives should be student-centered.
  2. Make sure to use simple language all learners can understand.
  3. Keep the learning objective statement brief.
  4. Match the learning objective to the level of your students.
  5. Write objectives with outcomes in mind – not content.

What is objective in curriculum PDF?

Objectives should describe what a student will be able to do as a result of learning using action verbs such as will have, will learn how to, or will be able to. Objectives are normally produced by a group of teachers or planners based on knowledge and experience. . . .

How do you modify curriculum?

For example: Reduce the number of social studies terms a learner must learn at any one time.

  1. Time. Adapt the time allotted and allowed for learning, task completion or testing.
  2. Input. Adapt the way instruction is delivered to the learner.
  3. Difficulty.
  4. Alternate Goals.
  5. Output.
  6. Substitute Curriculum.

What modifications are needed in curriculum?

King-Sears identified four types of curriculum modification: (a) accommodation, (b) adaptation, (c) parallel curriculum outcomes, and (d) overlapping curricula on a continuum.

What is the role of the teacher in reconstructionism?

Role of the Teacher – Reconstructionist want teachers to be social activist. They believe the improvement in society results from continuous thoughtful change and the best change agent is the educational process. Teachers need to focus on critical issues and allow students to have a active say in education.

What do the Reconstructionist emphasize with regard to the role of education and curriculum?

Reconstructionist educators focus on a curriculum that emphasizes social reform as the aim of education.

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