What does GES do?

What does GES do?

GES is a global, full service face-to-face live events marketing partner. We create some of the most incredible events in the world – think traveling entertainment exhibitions, global user groups, sales conferences, holiday extravaganzas and exhibitions of all sizes.

What is GES Inc?

GES is a unique private mergers and acquisitions advisory group that delivers an uncomplicated and uncompromising approach to business.

Who is the CEO of GES?

Don Tran – CEO – GES Inc.

What is GES Rubik’s Cube?

G.E.S stands for Gans Elasticity System. The GES is comprised of a nut, a precise spring, and spring cap. Say goodbye to the days of spring noise and internal rubbing caused by metal gaskets while you are working your cube.

Which GES nut is the best?

With the GES V3, the purple GES nut has, once again, the weakest spring elasticity at 1.8 N. However, the strongest spring is the yellow GES nut with 3.4 N spring elasticity.

What is GES in cubing?

What is GES Rubik’s cube?

How did the Dallas Convention Center handle the crowds?

With the pure volume of people, you would think the management of the Dallas Convention Center would have brought in enough staff to handle the crowds. The restrooms were constantly out of toilet paper and paper towels-not to mention that they were filthy. Paper and trash littered the bathroom floors, stall were just plain nasty.

What is Ges online ordering service?

Our online ordering service is the most robust online tool in the exhibition industry. It allows you to order last minute items for your booth, view show information, order history and much more. Need help from GES Customer Support? Contact Us

Where is the Convention Center in San Diego?

Conveniently located near downtown (maybe even considered downtown) the convention center was set up very nicely and easy to get around. And, although it is not necessarily related to the convention center itself, it is also amidst many nice and affordable restaurants and hotels.


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