What is Bourne End famous for?

What is Bourne End famous for?

Bourne End is only 3 miles east from the quintessentially British town of Marlow which is famous for its excellent High Street shopping with many independent retailers, cafes and even a Michelin starred restaurant.

Is Bourne ending a nice place to live?

Bourne End is another stunning riverside destination, but is smaller and quieter than Marlow. It still has a good selection of cafes, restaurants, jewellers – and even a Wimpy is due to open up soon. It also boasts the beautiful marina and plenty of jaw-dropping river’s edge mansions.

What happened in Bourne End yesterday?

Bourne End murder inquiry: Victims died of stab wounds to chest and abdomen. Susan and Jeff Farrance, who were in their 60s, were found dead alongside an unnamed man in his 50s in Bourne End on Tuesday evening.

Why is Bourne End called Bourne End?

Bourne End derives its name as it lies at the end of the Bourne Gutter, an irregularly flowing stream, at its confluence with the River Bulbourne.

What celebrities live Gerrards Cross?

Gerrards Cross in Buckinghamshire is sometimes dubbed as mini-Hollywood due to its celebrity inhabitants including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and Noel Gallagher and regularly tops league tables as one of the most expensive places to live.

How many Bourne ends are there?

Two Bourne Ends
Two Bourne Ends, but there’s no Bourne Middle between them!

Is Bourne End a town or a village?

Bourne End is a village mostly in the parish of Wooburn, but partly in that of Little Marlow in Buckinghamshire, England.

What river runs through Bourne End?

River Thames
River Wye, Buckinghamshire

Mouth River Thames
• location Bourne End
• coordinates 51°34′13″N 0°42′40″WCoordinates: 51°34′13″N 0°42′40″W
• elevation 26m

Is Gerrards Cross posh?

Gerrards Cross is considered very affluent with an aesthetically pleasing High Street boasting an array of independent retailers that sell top-notch goods, quality ladies clothing, luxury gifts, and local food.

Where is Bourne End in London?

Locale. Bourne End lies between the M4 and M40 motorways, and retains its railway station on the Maidenhead to Marlow Branch Line. With rail and road accessibility to London, it has become a popular place for commuters to live.

Can you cross Hurley Weir?

Hurley Lock is a lock and weir on the River Thames in England, situated in a clump of wooded islands close to the village of Hurley, Berkshire. The lock was first built by the Thames Navigation Commissioners in 1773….Hurley Lock.

Hurley Lock and islands from upstream
Waterway River Thames
Distance to Teddington Lock 40 miles

Is Beaconsfield rich?

A research study has revealed that Beaconsfield is ranked 4th amongst the most affluent towns and villages in the UK.

Can you swim at Hurley Lock?

Hurley Lock sits on an island in the middle of the Thames. Surrounded by large swathes of green grass, it’s the perfect spot for a picnic with the family. A shallow shelving beach with almost no current makes Hurley Lock suitable for kids of all ages and a great place to swim in the Thames safely.

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