What is center to center measurement?

What is center to center measurement?

The Center-to-Center of any drawer pull is the distance between the center of one screw hole to the center of the other. Measuring the center-to-center of the drawer pull is key in determining what new hardware will fit and whether you’ll need to drill new mounting holes or fit into existing ones.

How do you measure a handle?

To accurately measure existing fixing centers, open your kitchen door or drawer and measure the distance between the center of each screw. This measurement should be used when specifying your new handles.

How do you measure pulls?

To find the center-to-center measurement, use a screwdriver to remove your current pulls, then take a ruler or measuring tape and measure from the center of one screw hole to the center of the other screw hole.

How do I choose cabinet handles?

When choosing handles, it’s important to make sure they are good quality and are well designed. Think about how many times you open and close the cabinet doors and drawers in your kitchen. You will want your handles to be as comfortable as they are stylish. Test out the handles you intend to buy.

How do you find the center between holes?

If the holes are the same size, measure from the same edge (left edge to left edge or right edge to right edge) of the holes. That will be the same distance as center-to-center. Use a trusted tape measure starting at 10″ (not at the end hook). Measure and subtract 10″.

What size pulls for 30 inch Drawers?

Small Drawers that are 12” or less typically work best with a pull that is 3” to 4” long or a knob that is 1” in diameter. Large Drawers that are 30” to 48″will require a pull that is longer than 8″ or a knob that is 1″ in diameter or greater.

What are the parts of a handle?

The parts of a door handle include knobs/levers, latch mechanisms, strike plates, boxes and cylinder locks.

What is the hole in a knife handle called?

Blade Holes As An Opening Mechanism Some pocketknives have a thumb tab on the blade to allow for opening the blade with one hand.

What is the bottom of a knife handle called?

The butt. The butt of the knife is the end of the handle, furthest away from the point. The butt is often curved, so the user knows the orientation of the blade by feel. If the tang sticks out of the back of the handle, this is sometimes referred to as a pommel instead of a butt.

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