What is the 246th episode of NCIS?

What is the 246th episode of NCIS?

Kill Chain
Kill Chain is the twelfth episode of NCIS Season 11 and the 246th episode of the entire NCIS series. This is also the first ever NCIS episode to have Emily Wickersham (Eleanor Bishop) in the opening credits.

Did NCIS do a 9/11 episode?

“Gut Check” is the ninth episode of the eleventh season of the American police procedural drama NCIS, and the 243rd episode overall….Gut Check (NCIS)

“Gut Check”
Episode no. Season 11 Episode 9
Directed by Dennis Smith
Written by Christopher J. Wald
Original air date November 19, 2013

What episode of NCIS does Bishop get kidnapped?

“NCIS” Lost in Translation (TV Episode 2015) – IMDb.

What episode does Delilah get paralyzed?

Delilah sustained a permanent injury due to a missile While attending a gala in Episode 12, “Kill Chain,” terrorist Benham Parsa blew up the event with a missile attack. Due to the incident, Delilah suffered from shrapnel stuck in her spine, and as a result, has to use a wheelchair.

Does McGee get killed on NCIS?

In the end, Bishop was alive, McGee didn’t die in the explosion, and the NCIS team caught their bad guy. But, those gunshots did a number on McGee both mentally and physically. By the end of the episode, fans were left guessing on what the physical damage would be.

Is the actress who plays McGee’s wife on NCIS really paralyzed?

And the answer to this question is No, she is not paralysed in real life. Margo only uses the wheelchair as a prop to support the storyline of her character who became paralysed in Season 11. Delilah lost her ability to walk and landed upon a wheelchair after she was attending a gala that was attacked by a terrorist.

Did Ziva and Tony sleep together?

Ziva left NCIS back in Season 11 to return to Israel, and Season 13 revealed that she and Tony had slept together before saying goodbye, and she had conceived a daughter.

How was Abby killed on NCIS?

Clayton pushes Abby out of the way when he realizes Kent has a gun. Kent ends up shooting Clayton and Abby, but thanks to Clayton’s heroism, Abby survives. Sadly, Clayton dies after the shooting.

Is Delilah on NCIS really handicapped?

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