What is the business of datamatics?

What is the business of datamatics?

Datamatics is an Indian company that provides consulting, information technology (IT), data management, and business process management services. Its services use robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms.

What is Finance & accounting Outsourcing?

Finance and Accounting Outsourcing enables businesses to assign the financial management of their business to finance experts in a cost-efficient manner. Our FAO experts help companies to simplify their bookkeeping, accounting, taxation, financial planning and analysis functions.

Who is the BPO head for datamatics?

Sunil Shah – Vice President – F&A BPO Operations – Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. LinkedIn.

What is FNA in Infosys?

Infosys BPM offers distinguished finance and accounting (bpo) outsourcing services to support the end-to-end F&A function. We help finance leaders design, transform, and operate their finance functions in a digitally powered environment, maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency while enhancing user experience.

Is Accenture an accounting firm?

Accenture, which originated as the business and technology consulting arm of accounting firm Arthur Andersen, is the latest financial or management consulting firm to exit the media audit space.

Who is the ISM of datamatics?

Divya Kumat. Divya Kumat is the EVP-Chief Legal Officer & Company Secretary at Datamatics for more than 15 years.

Is it compulsory to serve 90 days notice period?

There is no way that the company can force you to serve the full notice period. The clause in the employment agreement usually states “ninety days’ written notice or three (3) months’ gross salary in lieu thereof”. Therefore if you are willing to pay the company should not raise any objections.

What is the mission of datamatics?

Our vision is to be a world-class organization admired for consistently delivering superior business value. We will achieve this by enhancing business efficiency for data-driven businesses through smart solutions.

Who is information security manager in datamatics?

Balasaheb Ware – Associate VP & Head – Information security at Datamatics Global Services Ltd.

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