What is the color code for capacitor?

What is the color code for capacitor?

Capacitor Voltage Colour Code Table

Band Colour Voltage Rating (V)
Yellow 20 500
Green 25 600
Blue 35 700
Violet 50 800

What do the colors on a capacitor mean?

4 color band capacitor The 3rd color band represents the decimal multiplier and 4th color band represents tolerance. For example, if the colors on a 4 color band capacitor is in this order: yellow, brown, red and green. The values of color band will be likes this: Yellow = 4, Brown = 1, Red = 100 or 102 and Green = 5%.

How do you read capacitor colors?

Fig. 3 – An Example to Understand How to Read Capacitor Color Markings

  1. The first colour band is Brown. That means the first digit is 1.
  2. The second colour band is Red. That means the second digit is 2.
  3. The third colour band is Green.
  4. The fourth colour band is white.
  5. The last colour band is Yellow.

What color code is 10K ohms?

The color code of the 10k ohm resistor with 5 band is brown – black – black – red – [Tolerance].

What is the color code for 3.3 ohm?

3.3 Ohm Resistor Color Code: Orange, Orange, Golden, Golden. Resistance: 3.3 Ohm, Power Rating: 0.25 Watt, Approximate Maximum Current: 275mA .

What color code is blue?

The blue hex code is #0000FF.

What is the capacitor color code?

In few capacitor color code representation ‘R’ is used as decimal, i.e., ‘4R7’ is used instead of ‘4.7’. Hope, this article given a basic information regarding the capacitor color code. Let us discuss about a few examples to know how to find capacitor value using capacitor color code.

How to identify capacitor values and tolerances?

For identifying the capacitor values and tolerances international colour coding scheme ( electronic colour coding) was introduced. Every capacitor has colors or alphanumeric characters on the body which indicates the nominal capacitance value of the capacitor. The capacitance can range from 1pico factor to 1 farad.

What is the special marking on the body of a capacitor?

Every capacitor has a special marking printed on its body. It represents the value or colour code of capacitor. There are different types of capacitor and each has its specified capacitance value, voltage rating, temperature range, tolerance and life time. But most of the capacitors have their value and their voltage printed on their body.

How to measure the polarity of a capacitor using LCR?

The sign or marking (+ or -) tells the polarity of capacitor is positive or negative. Most of time leaded capacitor have + or -, while chip or ceramic capacitors having no marking. For this type of capacitors, we have to measure using an LCR meter. LCR meter can be used to measure inductance, capacitance and resistance.

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