What is the synonym of developments?

What is the synonym of developments?

evolution, growth, maturing, expansion, enlargement, spread, buildout, progress, success, blossoming, blooming, burgeoning, headway.

What is another word for Modernisation?

modern, regeneration, reform, innovation, streamlining, overhaul, revamping, refurbishing, revitalisation, restructuring, modernise.

What is it called when something is remade?

In this page you can discover 21 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for remake, like: reconstruct, refashion, redo, manhunter, , sci-fi, transform, revise, renew, remaking and prequel.

What’s another word for pre developed?

What is another word for predeveloped?

premature untimely
inopportune precocious
abortive embryonic
forward green
immature incomplete

What is another way to say remake?

What is another word for remake?

renovate revamp
redesign regenerate
redo rework
recast revise
reproduce alter

What is the meaning of pre development?

: relating to, existing, or occurring before the start of development especially of a real estate project predevelopment costs/loans predevelopment meetings during the predevelopment stage/phase signed a predevelopment agreement comparing current levels of pollution against predevelopment levels.

What is pre established mean?

to establish in advance
Definition of preestablish transitive verb. : to establish in advance preestablish emergency procedures.

What is the difference between modernity and Modernisation?

Modernity refers to a condition of social existence that is radically different to all past forms of human experience. Modernization refers to the transitional process of moving from “traditional” or “primitive” communities to modern societies.

What is it called when you redo a show?

remake. To make again or anew. 5. 6. redecorate.

What are pre-development activities?

One of the major activities involved in pre-development involves researching and understanding the site we are building on. This includes the topography, access to utilities, storm-water runoff, traffic studies, archeology, and many more.

Is pre-development one word?

Predevelopment definition A phase of preparation prior to development.

Is it pre established or pre established?

or pre-es·tab·lish to establish beforehand. GOOSES. GEESES.

What does mean pre establishment essentials?

In the case of the provision on performance requirements, pre-establishment refers to the prohibition of imposing certain performance requirements as a condition for the establishment of an investment.

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