What radio station is the Boston game on?

What radio station is the Boston game on?

The Boston Celtics Radio Network is a radio network that broadcasts Boston Celtics basketball games with a flagship station of WBZ-FM/98.5. Carried in 5 of the 6 New England states, the network has 20 stations (8 on A.M., 12 on F.M.).

Can I listen to the Celtics Game on my phone?

You can use the app to purchase, manage and scan your digital tickets, buy gear and accessories, learn about Celtics players, coaches, legends and dancers, upgrade your seats at TD Garden, listen to live game audio, watch live events and much more, all in one convenient app.

What channel is the Celtics game on XM?

Celtics on SiriusXM. For the Bucks broadcast, tune into channel 81 and Celtics broadcast check out channel 86.

What radio station is the NBA game on today?


How can I listen to the Celtics game on the radio?

Celtics Radio Network Stations

When fans tune in for each Celtics game on 98.5 The Sports Hub, they are treated to two world-class teams – the one on the court and the one in the broadcast booth. Occasionally when scheduling conflicts arise, select games can be heard live on 105.7 WROR.

How can I listen to 93.7 Boston?

Listen to WEEI 93.7 on Radio.com. Download and listen to Home of the Boston Red Sox on Radio.com. Anytime.

Can I listen to the Celtics game online?

Stream Boston Celtics | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn.

Can I listen to ESPN on the radio?

Tune in to ESPN Radio live on ESPN.com.

What channel is NBA radio on SiriusXM?

Ch. 86
With the Boston Celtics defeating the Miami Heat in seven games and the Golden State Warriors knocking out the Dallas Mavericks in just five, Boston and Golden State now face off for the championship title starting June 2 — and SiriusXM NBA Radio (Ch. 86) is your destination for nonstop NBA Finals coverage.

How can I listen to the NBA game tonight?

Fans can also listen to the game on KSL Radio (102.7 FM), The Zone Sports Network (97.5 FM & 1280 AM), online with NBA.com Audio League Pass or with the Utah Jazz App.

What station can I listen to Red Sox on radio?

WEEI 93.7
Listen to WEEI 93.7 on Radio.com. Download and listen to Home of the Boston Red Sox on Radio.com.

How can I listen to the radio on my phone?

As long as you have a smartphone, you can download FM radio apps to access thousands of live and local radio stations from your phone. One of the most popular is called iHeartRadio. It’s completely free to download¹ and listen and offers thousands of live FM and AM radio stations that you can tune into at any time.

What radio station is ESPN in Michigan?


Market Branding
Grand Rapids, Michigan ESPN Radio 96.1
Jackson, Michigan ESPN Radio 1450
Marquette, Michigan ESPN UP Radio 970 / 93.3
Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan ESPN Radio 1400

How do I listen to ESPN Radio on my iPhone?

Listen to broadcast radio on iPhone

  1. Ask Siri: Activate Siri, then say something like, “Play Wild 94.9” or “Tune in to ESPN Radio.”
  2. Search for a station: Tap Search, enter the station in the search field, then tap a result to play the station.

What FM station is the NBA Finals on?

nba playoffs > 104.5 The Team ESPN Radio.

Can you listen to NBA games on the radio?

The best basketball talk and the biggest NBA games can all be found on one channel, SiriusXM NBA Radio.

Are the Red Sox on FM radio?

The Boston Red Sox Radio Network is comprised of 56 stations (34 AM, 22 FM) in the 6 New England states plus New York.

Is Red Sox game on radio?

In addition to traditional over-the-air AM and FM broadcasts, network programming airs on SiriusXM satellite radio; and streams online via SiriusXM Internet Radio, TuneIn Premium, and MLB.com Gameday Audio. Audacy, Inc.

Can I get free radio on my phone?

Called NextRadio, the free app unlocks the FM receiver, enabling the phone to receive all local FM radio stations for free without using the cell phone network, so there are no data charges or other costs. Just remember to recharge your battery.

Is there a free FM radio app?

Radio FM is the #1 mobile player for internet radio! It’s easy to use and best of all, it’s FREE.

What radio station is ESPN in Boston?


Market Branding
Boston, Massachusetts ESPN on WEEI (main) SportsRadio 93.7 WEEI (secondary)
Springfield, Massachusetts WWEI
Worcester, Massachusetts SportsRadio 1440 WEEI

Is ESPN Radio app free?

Listen to ESPN Radio and many more radio stations with the radio app – completely for free.

Can I get ESPN Radio on my phone?

The ESPN Radio app is now available for Android phones! If you’ve got an Android, like the Droid or Nexus One, you can now download the No. 1 selling sports app! Listen LIVE to ESPN Radio, including 17 stations across the country, nearly 40 podcasts, or On Demand SportsCenters updated every 20 minutes.

Can I listen to NBA Finals on radio?

SiriusXM NBA Radio delivers expert analysis and up-to-the minute NBA news that true basketball fans need — 24/7/365. From the NBA Draft to the NBA Finals, SiriusXM NBA Radio has all of your pro basketball needs covered.

How do I listen to NBA games on radio?

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