Where is the sink Auto-Doc?

Where is the sink Auto-Doc?

Sink Auto-Doc is an Automated Personality found in the Sink in 2281.

Can you return to Old World Blues after completion?

The Courier can return to Big MT after the completion of this quest with the Big Mountain Transportalponder!

Where does Old World Blues take place?

Big Mountain
Old World Blues takes place in the Pre-War research centers of Big Mountain, known colloquially as “the Big Empty” or “Big MT”.

How do I get my brain back in Old World Blues?

The Courier’s brain can be implanted into the Courier’s skull after the end of Old World Blues by using the “Swap Bodyparts” option on the Sink’s Auto-Doc; this gives the Big Brained perk. Like the spine and heart, the brain can be taken out and put back in at any time.

How often does the sink restock?

every three days
It will restock every three days (unless you’ve already triggered it’s bug, which I’ll get to). You don’t have to complete the DLC to get it to restock. That isn’t the problem. It has a much bigger problem.

Is there a way to respec in Fallout New Vegas?

To respec your character you must be level 2 or higher. Use the Vit-o-Matic Vigor Tester in Doc Mitchell’s house again, and pay attention to the warning which is displayed. When respec’ing you retain all bonuses from Skill Books and Bobbleheads, etc.

Where does New Vegas take place?

the Mojave Desert
Story. Fallout: New Vegas takes place in 2281, four years after the events of Fallout 3, 40 years after Fallout 2, 120 years after Fallout, and six years before the events of Fallout 4. The game is set in the Mojave Desert following the Great War.

Is the courier a cyborg?

Courier – Becomes a cyborg after their visit to Big MT. The brain, heart, and spine have been removed and replaced by high-tech artificial mock-ups of the organs adding durability to the Courier.

Does the sink get more caps?

If you wait 4 consecutive days inside Big MT, outside of the Sink (on The Sink Balcony, in Higgs Village or any other “safe” areas) SCIU will restock and reset caps.

Does the sinks inventory reset?

The Sink Central Intelligence Unit does restock its inventory, but only if 3 (consecutive) days and then midnight passed while you are within Big MT, but you must wait/sleep outside of the Sink (waiting on The Sink Balcony or sleeping in Higgs Village, for instance).

Can you bring companions to Old World Blues?

In fact, each of the DLC except Old World Blues have sections in the main quests that require you to have a companion in one form or another, as well as a lot of sections where you can bring a companion, but it isn’t mandatory. You can’t do the DLCs with companions.

Where does dead money take place?

The Sierra Madre
The Sierra Madre is the primary location of the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Dead Money. A mystic place close to the Grand Canyon, travelers and prospectors alike risk their lives to find the legendary city, and obtain the treasure that lies within. Only one man truly “found” it and lived.

What is Old World Blues?

Old World Blues takes you to the Big Empty for some old world science and general B-movie craziness. This walkthrough will cover how to get the technology from X-2, X-8 and X-13, kill Dr. Mobius’ giant roboscorpion and how to find all of the personality holotapes for The Sink.

What happens to the sink appliances after Old World Blues?

After defeating the Think Tank at the conclusion of Old World Blues, The Sink appliances will cheer and offer some unique dialogue reflecting the Courier’s victory.

Where is the Courier’s brain in Old World Blues?

Behind a door, initially locked at the beginning of Old World Blues, sits a set of tanks that hold the Courier’s brain, spine, and heart if they are currently removed. The Sink can be upgraded by finding back-up personality holotapes scattered around the Big MT. Many appliances are available for reactivation and upgrading, including:

What is Old World Blues in Fallout New Vegas?

All screenshots and information based on a playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas: Old World Blues Old World Blues takes you to the Big Empty for some old world science and general B-movie craziness.

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