Which country is Sandefjord?

Which country is Sandefjord?

Sandefjord, town, southeastern Norway. Located near the mouth of the Oslo Fjord at the head of Sandefjord Fjord, an inlet of the Skagerrak, Sandefjord was established in the 14th century, and it received its charter in 1845.

What state is Voss in?


Voss herad
Country Norway
County Vestland
District Voss
Established 1 Jan 1838

What state is Sandefjord in Norway?


Sandefjord kommune
Country Norway
County Vestfold og Telemark
District Vestfold
Administrative centre Sandefjord

Is Voss German?

Voss (also as Voß in German, meaning fox in Low German) is a surname.

Is Voss from Norway?

Our Story. Over 20 years ago, VOSS was born in Norway, a country known for fresh air, untouched natural resources, modern elegance and high standards of quality. VOSS quickly became known and admired for our sleek, beautiful exterior, making it perhaps the most iconic and recognizable water bottle ever.

Where do Norwegians go on holiday?

Spain has therefore surpassed Denmark as Norwegians most popular holiday country. 553,000 Norwegians spend this year’s vacation to Spain, according to the survey made by Respons Analyze for SpareBank1. 397,000 Norwegians travel to Sweden and 364,000 to Denmark. – These countries are on top year after year.

What type of name is Voss?

The name Voss is boy’s name meaning “fox”. Voss is a German name, that is seen in Norway and Australia (in the former it is associated with a region, in the latter it is associated with the protagonist of Patrick White’s novel by the same name). Voss is an interesting alternative to Fox.

What nationality is the name Solberg?

Solberg is a surname of Norwegian origin (Sol meaning Sun and Berg meaning Mountain), and may refer to: Asbjørn Solberg (1893–1977), Norwegian politician from Østfold; served three terms in the Storting.

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What is the difference between Asbjørn Solberg and Dorvan Solberg?

Asbjørn Solberg (1893–1977), Norwegian politician from Østfold; served three terms in the Storting Dorvan Solberg (b. 1934), American politician from North Dakota; state representative since 1998

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