Which is better Sig P938 or Kimber micro 9?

Which is better Sig P938 or Kimber micro 9?

Compared to the P938, Micro 9’s trigger feels a bit smoother. Furthermore, all Micro 9 editions have an ambidextrous thumb safety, with the magazine release once again available only on the left side. These handguns also come with TRUGLO TFX sights, which a lot of people praise.

Is Kimber Micro 9 a good conceal carry?

Ideal for shooters with small hands as well as those who insist on mild recoil combined with enough power for concealed carry or home protection, Micro 9 pistols are the right choice for many applications. Best of all, they offer unequaled Kimber quality, dependability and performance.

Is Kimber a quality gun?

Accuracy, dependability and meaningful features determine the true quality of a pistol. On the strength of quality, Kimber has become the world’s largest producer of 1911 pistols. Compare a Kimber with any other brand of semi-automatic pistols – and see why Kimber is what all guns should be.

Can you dry fire a SIG P938?

Is it safe to dry-fire my pistol? It is safe to dry-fire our center fire pistols.

Is a SIG P938 a 1911?

The Sig P938 is a mini 1911 style 9mm pistol from Sig Sauer. This popular Sig is loved by many because it’s a modern small 1911 pistol.

Does the SIG P938 have a safety?

The P238 and P938 are Single Action Only (SAO) pistols. These pistols incorporate many of the same safety features found in other SIG Sauer pistols, including the firing pin safety, hammer safety intercept notch, and disconnector.

How good are Kimber pistols?

High Class For Not Too Much Cash. Thing about the Kimber 1911 line is that Kimber pistols tend to have a serious dollop of class in their appearance. They clean up pretty darn good. The basic Two Tone line is a very handsome lineup of pistols indeed, and that continues all the way through to their custom shop guns.

Which is better SIG P938 or Kimber 9mm?

The Kimber 9mm really packs a punch in terms of shooting power, but the best thing is, it is a fair bit cheaper on average! The Sig P938 does, however, have a reputation for excellent durability, and we think overall, it wins on this side of things.

How much does a SIG Sauer P938 weigh?

The Sig Sauer P938 is a subcompact design, which is also a solidly built 9mm, weighing in at about 1 pound! This gun has been around for quite a few years now, and shouldn’t just be taken as just a concealed carry.

What is the difference between a P938 and a micro 9?

Once you’re comfortable with single action guns, you ought to take the thumb safety differences, the Micro 9 has a thumb safety while the P938 does only has a right handed thumb safety. If you’re a left handed shooter, you ought to opt for the latter since 1911’s are fairly complex while shooting off hand.

What is the difference between the Kimber and SIG micro 1911?

These micro 1911s look similar to the full size, but the systems are quite different. Scaled down for concealment, the Kimber and SIG are packed with 1911 design elements.

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