Which is the second largest district of Punjab?

Which is the second largest district of Punjab?

Punjab District List

# District Area (km²)
1 Amritsar 2,673
2 Barnala 1,423
3 Bathinda 3,355
4 Faridkot 1,472

Which is the largest district of Punjab by population?

Ludhiana is the largest district of Punjab both by area and population. The area of Ludhiana district is 3767 sq. km. and its total population according to census 2011 is almost 35 lakh.

Which is the smallest district in Punjab Pakistan?

Smallest District of Punjab, Pakistan – Lahore is the smallest district of Punjab by area and Hafizabad is the smallest district of Punjab by population.

Which is the largest tehsil in Punjab?

Depalpur Tehsil

تحصِيل دِيپالپُور
Depalpur Tehsil
Country Pakistan
Region Punjab

Which is biggest village in Punjab?


Longowal longowal
Country India
State Punjab
District Sangrur
Founded by Baba Alla Singh

Which is the biggest district in India?

Kachchh district of Gujarat

Kachchh district of Gujarat is the largest district in India. It is bounded on north and northwest by Pakistan, on the north-east by Rajasthan state. The total area of the district is 45,674 sq. km i.e. it covers 23.27 % of the total geographical area of Gujarat.

Which district is the largest?

Kutch, Gujarat
List of districts in India

Districts of India
Areas Largest: Kutch, Gujarat—45,652 km2 (17,626 sq mi) Smallest: Mahé, Puducherry—8.69 km2 (3.36 sq mi)
Densities Largest: Central Delhi, Delhi Smallest: Lower Dibang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh
Government District Administration
Subdivisions Tehsil, Taluka, Mandal Blocks

Which district is most educated in Punjab?

Hoshiarpur district
Further, within Punjab, district-wise data reveal wide disparity in literacy rates. Table 3 shows that Hoshiarpur district is the most literate in the state, with a literacy rate of 81.40 per cent, followed by Rupnagar (78.49%), Jalandhar (77.91%), Nawanshahr (76.86%) and Ludhiana (76.54%).

Which is largest district in Pakistan?

Chagai is the largest district of Pakistan by area while Lahore District is the largest by population with a total population of 11,126,285 at the 2017 census. Quetta is the largest district of Balochistan by population with a total population of 2,275,699 at the 2017 census.

How many Zilla are there in Punjab?

22 districts of Punjab along with their headquarters as of 2016. Currently, there are 23 districts.


S. No. 22
Code NS
District Shahid Bhagat Singh Nagar
Headquarters Nawanshahr
Population (2011) 614,362

Which is the richest city in Punjab?

Fakirs at Amritsar, richest city of the Punjab, south across Sacred Tank to Golden Temple – India . Photograph.

Which is the largest village in Punjab?

Toosa is a village in Punjab, India.

State Punjab
District Ludhiana
• Total 2.4 km2 (0.9 sq mi)

Which is the richest village in Punjab?

Lalton Kalan is a village in Ludhiana city.

Which is biggest village in India?


Country India
State Uttar Pradesh
District Ghazipur
Established 1530

Which is the world largest district?

List of the 50 largest country subdivisions by area

Rank Subdivision name Population
1 Sakha Republic (Yakutia) 990,538
2 State of Western Australia 2,685,165
3 Krasnoyarsk Krai 2,846,565
4 Greenland 56,081

Which is India’s largest district?

Which is the smallest district?

Mahe Puducherry
List of Smallest Districts of India by Territorial Area.

Rank District State
1 Mahe Puducherry
2 Central Delhi Delhi
3 Lakshadweep Lakshadweep

Which district is best in Punjab?

High Literacy

# District Literacy
1 Hoshiarpur 84.59 %
2 Mohali 83.80 %
3 Jalandhar 82.48 %
4 Ludhiana 82.20 %

Which is the smallest village in Punjab?


Country India
State Punjab
District Fatehgarh Sahib
Founded by Gurinder sidhu

Which is the biggest hospital in Pakistan?

Mayo Hospital is one of the oldest and biggest hospitals in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.

Mayo Hospital
Beds 3,000

Which is the biggest village of Punjab?


Longowal longowal
Country India
State Punjab
District Sangrur
Founded by Baba Alla Singh

Which is the cleanest city in Punjab?

Patiala has been adjudged the cleanest city in Punjab in the ‘Swachh Survekshan’ 2021. Swachh Survekshan is an annual survey of cleanliness, hygiene and sanitation in cities and towns across India.

Which is the poorest city in Punjab?

Firozpur district with 73% of the population in the rural areas has the highest poverty rate in the state.

Who is Asia’s biggest village?

Baniachong is the largest village of the World. It is situated in Habiganj district of Greater Sylhet. Both in area and demographics, the village is so huge that it splits into four Union Parishad for local government. Some people considers this village as the largest village in Asia, some in the world.

Who is the richest village in India?


  • Madhapar in Gujarat.
  • Hi-ware Bazaar in Maharashtra.
  • Baldia in Gujarat.
  • Maraog in Himachal Pradesh.
  • Pun-sari is a Gujarati town.
  • Pothanikkad, Kerala.
  • Bihar’s Dharnai.
  • Kokrebellur in Karnataka.

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